Infinity Ward: 1200MSP A "worthwhile investment"

NG: In an exclusive interview with Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling, it appears that Infinity Ward don't share the common view that 1200MSP is a bit pricey for three new maps, plus two old ones...

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JustinSaneV23158d ago

A worthwhile investment for Activision/Infinity Ward's wallet maybe.

-Alpha3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Using the disc as a coaster for your beer is a better worthwhile investment for MW2.

Just kidding... but not entirely.

MW2 is a "good" game. The core gameplay exists and is addictive, and its fun when you aren't equivocating the title, but there are too many faulty changes, additions, hacks, and balancing issues to make up for it. When you factor in the insurmountable success of CoD4, MW2 falls far from the standard that MW1 set.

Halo Reach is going to be the biggest MP GOTY and it will have IW look like the lazy, weak, disregarding, and inconsiderate developers that they are. I want Bungie to break IW in terms of integrity.

Rockox3158d ago

I've heard from a few friends that are actually excited about getting the old maps (though not for that price), and prefers them to the new MW2 maps. It makes me wonder why they aren't playing MW1 instead...

borgome3158d ago

I'd be happy getting all the old maps for free, the new ones sucka my balls.

Pandamobile3158d ago

$15 for a map pack is absolutely absurd...

Anyone who pays that amount of money for 3 new maps is retarded.

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