Edge Review: Infinite Space

Edge: If you think spaceship customisation means swapping 15,000 Palladium for the Normandy's heavy ship armour, you're in for a shock. Infinite Space's ships are more than RPG heroes waiting to be decked out in statboosting finery. They are made to order. Do you favour the missile-laden, heavily shielded attack dog or the graceful swan, arcing laser fire from afar?

Does a happy crew keep the engine purring, or could their bunks be better used for storing shield generators? One creative flash saw a ship so full of crew cabins the swollen ranks could overrun enemy fleets.

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lightningsax3161d ago

That's really interesting considering Edge's stance on FFXIII. This game's all about complex customization ending in a rock-paper-scissors battle system, while FFXIII was all about cutting back on customization (well, from XII at least) ending in a complex battle system. I guess in their eyes, customization wins.

As for me, I'll be playing SMT: Strange Journey over this game any day, but it'll be worth a look.