Q&A: Blizzard, Lionhead, Epic Vet Chris Millar Launches Atomic Operations

Chris Millar was most recently heard from at Titan Studios, originally founded as Darkstar Industries in 2008 and acquired by Epic China in 2008. The company developed Fat Princess for Sony before transitioning to work on MMO-ready tools for Unreal Engine 3 aimed at Asian markets.

Millar, who worked on the Diablo and StarCraft series at Blizzard as well as at Lionhead Studios prior to Darkstar/Titan, is joined at Atomic Operations by creative director John Mundy and senior programmer Chris Coster.

The company promises to enable "stakeholder-driven production teams", according to its press release, in a similar manner to the creative times driving Hollywood film development processes, and plans to expand its projects across social, mobile, and next generation gaming platforms.

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