Britxbox: Toy Soldiers Review

Richard Worrall writes: "It's an old problem. To make real-time strategy work on a console, you need to simplify it. Halo Wars proved the rule, reducing the choice of units to a functional handful. The trouble is that managing those units, however few they are, brings its own troubles when spread across a wide battlefield.

An obvious solution in retrospect, Toy Soldiers makes the canny decision to reduce the playing field itself – where the console RTS traditionally uses a secondary map system to monitor the overall conflict, here, the game is the map. More specifically, it's a table-top battlefield which is at once viewable in its entirety (problem solved).

Those soldiers themselves provide a natural thematic extension to this idea, resembling the kind of military collectibles too precious for children to touch. Replete with austere post-war packaging in the loading screens, they favour weighty lead and wood over the playfulness of Pixar's plastic pieces. It's a subtle blend of the sombre and the playful, lending Toy Soldiers a unique aesthetic."

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