2D Driving Simulator uses Google Maps for photo realistic racing

Wannt to race on famous racing tracks like Laguna Seca oder Nurburgring? Or just cruise around the hood in your hometown? The 2D Driving Simulator uses Google Maps to create a fun driving game with photo realistic graphics.

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juniordee2496d ago

And this is a sim how?

Still cool tho

SonyWarrior2496d ago

this sounds pretty cool whats the game called or is there a english site?

juniordee2496d ago

I clicked on the link on the site, which for some reason isn't loading for me anymore.

chanmasta2496d ago

.. Geoquake, and on their site along with other games it's on there.

KingKiff2496d ago

Don't waste your time loading the page lol... it's pathetic...

You drive a car over a 2D google maps pics... And you can drive anywhere no collisions detection at all, I just drove over the stadium at Nurburgring

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BannedForNineYears2496d ago

Lawl, I just ran over my house.
Could use more realistic controls and a brake.

BannedForNineYears2496d ago

Ohhh, I was using W for Gas and D for reverse. (D isn't brake).
But odds are I'm never gonna play this game again, so it doesn't matter. xD

Setekh2496d ago

...seem to be mistaking this for a big budget game, all you're doing is showing how spoiled of an idiot you are.

This is supposed to be a bit of fun, a time waster, something you mess around on for 10 minutes driving down your street. Nowhere do they claim to have a GT5 rival, stop moaning and accept it for what it is.

madpuppy2495d ago

60.00 game, there are a ton of great flash based games out there that don't suck. this one happens to blow chunks.

get off your high horse, man.