Resonance of Fate Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Screenshot Comparison

In that screenshot check they compared the Xbox 360 to the PS3 version of Resonance of Fate. Which one looks better?

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Lucreto2981d ago

Hard to tell really due to the time of day is different in both shots.

Kamikaze1352981d ago

I think the point of this was to make one look worse than the other.

vhero2981d ago

Do we have to do this for EVERY multiplatform game?? Are people not sick of this already??? God these do nothing more than fuel fanboy wars.


I really don't care, unless someone tells me the PS3 was the lead platform, in which case...tis interesting.

Projekt7tuning2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

My fanboy goggles broke the day my Dreamcast did. With that said, I have said before I think this site has an agenda. I don't care which one looks better. I will buy it for the one I think looks best, but I do believe this site is leaning strongly toward the PS3. I have complained before that they don't use the same screens to compare. They both look not so good. The thing is I don't know if I like the blur filter used on the PS3 version. I would love to see these two in person and not on a biased site. Please understand im not pro Sony or Microsoft I just want fair comparisons to help me pick out which one to buy. What happened to Lens of Truth and some of the other sites that told you what settings ect. they were using to do the comparisons?

Godmars2902981d ago

Will we have to deal with massive media coverage if the PS3 version is bad, or dismissal if the 360 version you mean.

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Gran Touring2981d ago

Gee, it's hard to tell...


Lightel0s2981d ago

they look pretty much the same. i like the brillant colors on the xbox 360

jay22981d ago

360's won here, colours don't look like you're contrasts set too high, but the shadows do look more realistic on PS3.

kevinx10002981d ago

ps3 looks a little blurred on overly brightened.
but that's just these screens of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.