Super Mario Galaxy 2 at Amazon for $49.99 with $20 Game Credit

O.G. writes "Amazon is providing some fantastic deals for the frugal gamer. Now everyone's favorite plumber has a deal of his own."

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armycore3191d ago

Now I need to cancel my preorder with Gamestop. Why do I even shop there again?

Kingofalltrolls3191d ago

You're a sucker? I don't know you tell me

f7897903191d ago

You are lazy and it's too much effort for you to get a good deal.

respawnaction3191d ago

This game gets better and better I must say. Geez this will be such a great relaxer after finals. :)

Ugly Bob3191d ago

Still have to play the first one, but then again, isn't this kind of the same game?

AngryFork3191d ago

How is it the same game if all the levels are different? =/ Besides Yoshi is in it, which should guarantee a buy. I'm disappointed that it's going to be more linear (SM64 was my favorite) but oh well, it'll still be fun.

Anyway this is very tempting but I don't know what I'd use the 20$ on and you have to use it like within a month before it expires unfortunately.

Venox20083191d ago

so what that it's the same kind? Both of them are awesone (second will be) and both are the must to any wii gamer.. I finished first one two times and I will third time someday :) so finish first one and get second.. :)

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