Vote for Arabic on PS3

Although more than 280 million people speak Arabic around the world, Sony has chosen not to include it in their list of supported languages for the PS3. Granted, English is the prevailing language worldwide, and the total languages supported by PS3 as per firmware 3.15 amounts to 17 different languages, but Arab gamers want to see their language being supported by their favorite console.

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GamesLatest2979d ago

IMO, I think this submitted article will show if N4G is open for international users and gamers of the world, or only meant for the English speaking elite.

AMZSS2979d ago

Rikitatsu :
Thanks for voting , Arabic gamers appreciate your vote .(p.s I'm the submitter )

GamesLatest :
Since N4G is a website involved in gaming news (from all over the world)and gaming community (all races) so this article will show up .

snipermk02979d ago

keep on chuggin akhi. ;)

TOO PAWNED2979d ago

Yeah all 5 of them, famous Arabic gamers lol
On serious note, maybe it is difficult to implement Arabic letters.

AMZSS2979d ago


I didn't get the first part , anyway its actually not difficult to implement it , they only need to update the fonts and put a patch to connect the letters , ( when they update the fonts to a supported one the patch will substitute the letter with the connected one if there is no space between letters ) .

GamesLatest2979d ago

We were not aware when this post was submitted to N4G, and definitely we rushed to approve it when we saw it in the pending section. Should you believe there is some conspiracy going on, go ahead, it's nice to blame non-Arabs of overhyping such theories !

Coming back to Arabic letters being difficult, I believe the Chinese alphabet is more complicated, yet it's there. Ironically, Sony Bravia TVs support Arabic language in their on-screen control panels!!

ryuzu2978d ago

Personally I'd rather Sony not bother wasting their time & money. While there might be a lot of Arabic-only readers, a tiny proportion of them play Western/Japanese games and even fewer need their game console in Arabic.

I'd rather Sony put the translation effort towards more English-Japanese game translations than this.


AMZSS2978d ago

ryuzu :

Sony sold over 500000 PS3 here , and there are even more users than the number of PS3 sold , all of the Arabic users wants the Arabic language (which is their right , since we payed for the PS3 the same as you and as much as you ) , imagine that Sony sells the PS3 in your country for three years and doesn't support your language then tell me if this is a waste of time and money ( its a waste of money then its a waste of our money and time not theirs) .

Icyhot2978d ago

Why not? Voted with all 4 of my accounts. Hope it helps your cause : )

ThanatosDMC2978d ago

Yup, voted too. Nothing wrong with wanting it.

SonyWarrior2978d ago Show
Silly gameAr2978d ago

@Sony Warrior

Reported as offensive. Time to grow up son.

Will-UK2978d ago

why the hate for arabic, whats wrong with you. Another racist

BBCnewsrocks2978d ago


I hope you lose your hearing. That way everything will look gibberish :)

mastiffchild2978d ago

Everyone deserves their native language/everyday tongue be supported as long as it's financially viable for a company to do so-and the number of PS3 gamers who have Arabic as their first language makes this a silly oversight, if anything, on Sony's part. Myself, the kids and the missus have all voted with our accounts(and me with all three of mine)in the hope Sony sort this out for our Arab brothers and sisters.

Imagine the sh1tstorm if Sony wouldn't support English or French or MS wouldn't support Japanese or Chinese text? We EU gamers also have to wait for things a while longer than most places and I know a few of the EU languages took a while to get up to speed on PS3 as well and it would be great if Sony acted to sort this one out. I don't see that there's any political angle to this and can't imagine why any gamer would vote against his fellow Arab gamers wishes over this one. Just put yourself in that position for a minute and consider how you'd feel or, indeed, for many of us in the UK who only speak one language in ANY way, shape or form, how you might struggle to use a PS3 sans your own language.

Good luck with this one guys.

-Mezzo-2978d ago

I Voted, even though i cannot read Arabic i voted for the people who will find it easier to read in Arabic.

Elvfam5112978d ago

What if Arabic was the language everybody was speaking and English wasn't. Wouldn't you want English to be available for you and your Playstation 3?

I Voted Yes! I hope this helps.

novcze2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

AMZSS wrote:
"imagine that Sony sells the PS3 in your country for three years and doesn't support your language then tell me if this is a waste of time and money"

Yeah, I can totally imagine that ... uhmm wait, I don't have to because that's current situation over here and YES, localized XMB is completely useless for me and I've never used localized menu even if it's available (in TV set for example)

I've tried localized game once (Dead Space) and translation was crap and I switched to English very fast.

red_grapefruit_juice2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

make them vote :)

i did :D

JsonHenry2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I wonder if allah wants his followers playing on Western video games?

On a serious note - I can't believe Sony is selling the PS3 in Arabic speaking countries without a localized language UI.

DarkTower8052978d ago

I don't speak Arabic, but the more the marrier.

Viper72978d ago

There are many even less "popular" languages supported on Playstation so I don't really see a reason for Arabic to not be included.

InfectedDK2978d ago

Well I'm Danish and my language is supported which is really great howewer seeing this I won't tell the population of my country :b Lol.. Ofc. Arabic should be supported!

darx2978d ago

I don't care much for those peopole.

HolyOrangeCows2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

It should start "although 3 people play the PS3 who speak exclusively Arabic..."

red_grapefruit_juice2978d ago

We gettin Arab PSN
We gettin Arab PSN


king1232978d ago

...since the PS3 is more popular than xbox in this region
besides there are lots of arabians don't speak English in the First place
I mean imagine yourself having a game that has only chinese language option ( how would you feel then ) ?

Raul_72978d ago

Yes for sure!

Greetings from Egypt.

xabmol2978d ago

Give me Dvorak!! >.<"

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frogdefdaa2978d ago

N4G is news for all gamers, including arabic gamers.

I don't see any "Lame" or "Spam" in posting such articles here.

n4gn4gn4gn4g2978d ago

is because the blog.share system is meant for the SCEA territory...not the Middle East. If you live in the US/Mexico/Canada you should be speaking American/Canadian/Quebec French or Spanish. SCEA shouldn't be wasting time on anything else.


Viper72978d ago

SCEA, SCEE and SCEJ may be separate sections, but they are still working together for some degree. So even if SCEA wont be the one bringing the support for this language, it doesn't mean that they could not tell SCEE that there's some demand for support of this language.

Does SCEE even have this short of suggestion system yet?

thedarkestfaction2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Are you serious... Its called English, there may be different dialects, but its considered English on the planet earth. Thats the most hillbilly-ish comment I have ever witnessed. Of course they should allow Arabic, they are people who want to game just like anyone else.

n4gn4gn4gn4g2978d ago

Nowhere did I say that SONY shouldn't support the language...what I said was that the SCEA blog.share site is not the place for such a request and therefore this poll is lame.

I'm writing in Canadian so perhaps you can't understand. In the context of this topic 'speaking' is obviously referring to the written word (this is supported by the graphic accompanying this article). As far as I'm aware, American/Canadian and British English are all different and thus I specified. Thanks for playing (<-- see, that is a sign that I'm Canadian, I'm infallibly polite, even to douche bags)

Aphe2978d ago

You are typing in English n4gn4gn4gn4g, English.

n4gn4gn4gn4g2978d ago

No they do not...but you don't put the poll on SCEA's lobby the SCEE to make such a system.

n4gn4gn4gn4g2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Do me a favor.
Do me a favour.

One of those sentences in in American English. The other (in this case) is in Canadian/British English.

Aphe2978d ago

Yes, that's called bastardizing the English language.

thedarkestfaction2978d ago

I believe I stated different dialects of the English language you Sarah Palin speaking fool. So you officially FAIL.

infekt2978d ago

Dude, I'm Canadian and I speak English and French, not "Canadian". you bring shame to my country. BE GONE! Leave, NOW!

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devilhunterx2978d ago

Urdu fonts too would be nice. And just for laugh, Punjabi fonts too.

SeanScythe2978d ago

How the hell did this get approved as news? This should not have been approved.

AMZSS2978d ago

SeanScyhthe :

Why its not ? ( because its about Arabic gamers , then its not a news right ?)

its a news to all Arabic gamers as it tells them that >> there is a voting for adding their language .

frogdefdaa2978d ago

SeanScyhthe: I agree with AMZSS, why you are not happy for such news being approved, is it because it is for Arabic gamers?

I think this is a right place to inform Arabic gamers about the vote, so that Sony might approve adding their language to its console.

BBCnewsrocks2978d ago

When we gets "Best boob physics this gen" article people are like OMG Awesome news! 1000 degrees.

but when a console could be made better for a large community of gamers it isn't news?

Eamon2978d ago

Completely agree with TheKonspiracy

Articles like "Why the PS3 is best console ever" get approved in seconds and achieves top temperature in minutes.

At least this article serves some good instead of attracting fanboys and their idiotic flamewars.

frogdefdaa2978d ago

Agree with TheKonspiracy and Eamon
This site is to add something to the life of gamers and serve gaming.
this article is typical example of how to do this, not other spam articles that attracts fanboys and had a huge titles with zero meaning.

The Wood2978d ago

wtf lol....stuff like this over patcher anyday

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