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Submitted by egm_hiphopgamer 2150d ago | video

Hey Reggie, Sony Says "It's Over" PS Move Is The Future

Gamers everywhere listen up, SONY has done it they have literally revolutionized the industry once again. The Playstation Move has proved to be the ultimate triple threat in motion gaming.

The camera, the voice, and the control will have hardcore and casual gamers going even more crazier than the Wii following. The Playstation Move has to be seen to be believed because this holiday season Reggie will have some serious problems.

The Footage In This Video Is Deeper Than What Was Seen By Engadget Check It Out (PS3, Wii)

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qface64  +   2150d ago
the tittle made me LOL
if sony actually did say that then again LOL
FangBlade  +   2150d ago
mikeslemonade  +   2150d ago
Fight Night Round 5 day one purchase for PS3.
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Inside_out  +   2150d ago
...What the...LOL...
HHG is so unprofessional...screaming like a girl...It's like he's high or something, jumping up and down...Oh sheeet, it's a robot on the screen...Damn, its over...LMFAO...Settle down and conduct an INTERVIEW...I can See this guy in front on a traffic signal..oh man , another color...Can't watch...Moving on...BTW, move DOES " move " really well, so does the Wii...HD the big difference...Sony should concentrate on that aspect...
thedarkestfaction  +   2150d ago
I really hate your show. It takes 10 minutes to explain something that would take a true professional 30 seconds. You make amazing claims which cause me to click on your links only to find out that I must endure an uncomfortable amount of bad dialog and dribble only to be let down by a bias, convoluted opinion. Please clean your pos show up and make it somewhat enjoyable by the people that unknowingly click on your torturous links.
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Nike  +   2150d ago
The heading is just the Hip Hop Retard's way of garnering hits through controversy. Sony didn't say those lines, and if they did, they'd have a far clever way of doing so then Gerard's 3rd grade education could comprehend.
Wh15ky  +   2150d ago
That was painful to watch, he's like a 10 year old with ADHD.

Love the idea of using Move for fight night though.
Darkfocus  +   2150d ago
"even more crazier than the Wii following."
even more crazier? please learn proper grammar if your in the field of journalism 6_6
Comet  +   2150d ago
Come on guys, it's his style...
I would like to see some of you conduct interviews...
I was actually laughing throughout that video ;D
SWORDF1SH  +   2150d ago
To be honest I've had mixed opinions of HHG. But I like his love and passion for games.

People that have a grudge against him because of the way he speaks are just dumb.

Let the guy do what he does. If you dont like him then don't watch. It's like you telling me what music you like and then me saying that those bands are sh*t because I don't like them.

In my opinion does it a lot better and more interesting way that most "proper" journalist.

My main issue with HHG is that he does use flamebait titles. But is that really the problem or are fanboys that ruin n4g the real problem??

Any way thats my two pennies.
Mr Tretton  +   2150d ago
Guys, trying to critique HHG and suggesting change to him is like telling a cat to bark like a dog. No comprende!
Lykon  +   2150d ago
my attention went after he said the about the wii being a good system, of course move will be better than the wii, an atari 2600 on a black and white potable tv is better than the wii ffs
Lich120  +   2150d ago
How many people out there are like me and hate this stuff? Im not talking about move vs. Natal ns. Wii. But just this motion crap in general. I don't care who "wins" I want it to go away...
Lykon  +   2149d ago
Yes I feel the same way. a friend made the mistake of buying a wii and a few of us spent a couple of hours waving our arms about madly to a boxing game one night. There was no relation between what we were doing and what was happening on the screen AT ALL. Although I'm certain had we been playing with the clearly vastly more acurate Move it would have been a completely different and superior experience. Recently had the misfortune to play through heavy rain and hated the parts where you are meant to shake the controller. I'm sure that Move will be one of the better if not the best implemented motion sensing tech but i'm more concerned about game development resourses being drained
towards shallow party games or gimped FPS's
Michael Myers  +   2150d ago
thats incredible.
not used to things like this, but im looking forward to using this device. looks better than the competition in my honest opinion.
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Raf1k1  +   2150d ago
It seems more and more people are starting to think that Move will actually be good.
sikbeta  +   2150d ago
Tell me about that... I was so against this motion-device calling it PS-D!ldo and stuff, not giving a damn about every article and always saying to people to not jump into the motion-hype, but after watching the "Minority-Report" Video, that video was amazing and I think "Move" will be Good...
meetajhu  +   2150d ago
I'm a happy Sony fan who always get excited for Sony does. Sony is awesome. Playstation the best. Bring back Ken Kutaragi
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2150d ago
Simple reasons
''It seems more and more people are starting to think that Move will actually be good.''

Watching the footage in the video, yeah. And much better will be because they will bring Hardcore Games and not Casuals only.

PS Camera
-Voice and Face Recognition
-Body Tracking even the Fingers can be tracked.
Plus the Motion feature for Hardcore games.

Obviously people is getting excited about this.
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matey  +   2150d ago
hiphopgamer u are a retarded fool with speech impediment stop thinking all about graphics m8 because when the wii2 hits or even Zelda wii u will be eating your words m8 and to throw the wiimote like that how much is sony paying u anyway noone listens to your crap yes i listened to 1min and realised u have been payed by sony the wiimote is more advanced than the move its been said off people that know what there on about your a dam fool u know that grow up wii has a W3 HDMI UPSCALER to 1080p/super resolution ive seen galaxy 2/plus a few others and them games graphically are better than ps3 inabit
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Kors  +   2150d ago
You are wrong
"u know that grow up wii has a W3 HDMI UPSCALER to 1080p/super resolution"

Upscaled 1080p graphics is not the same stuff as NATIVELY RENDERED 1080p graphics.

"ive seen galaxy 2/plus a few others and them games graphically are better than ps3 inabit"

Better than God of War III? Better than Uncharted 2? Better than Heavy Rain? Better than Killzone 2?
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whateva  +   2150d ago
sikbeta  +   2150d ago

Even they know what're you saying is Pure Crap:


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Jonoc33  +   2150d ago
i lol'd
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2150d ago
props on the interview HHG.but the title is flaming hot.the roof is definitely "ON FIRE"
but you got to focus and really make you questions hit hard.the video was something most of us have seen but it at least gives others who didn't see the engadget show something to look at.

props to nintendo for packing it in,making motion control hot and opening up a new market for developers and gamers.props for that.besides that,they have done nothing else but add accessory after accessory.

ps3 move at the end of this gen

wii after this gen is over:

look at all that JUNK.

closets can only store so move kills the idea of tons of accessories.the controller can be ANYTHING the developers want it to need to buy all these ONE move and it can be a gun,steering wheel,sword,light saber,tennis racket,etc.

move is the perfect balance between the wiimote and natal.gamers need BUTTONS.and as a core gamer,it's what i missed with the eyetoy/pseye.i didn't feel move gives me more options with my pseye camera.i still wish (like phil harrison)that sony did more for the eyetoy.but the eye at least gets a second chance.

face recognition,voice recognition,augmented reality,gesture,head tracking,body tracking,accuracy and upcoming 3D.

now,natal can do most of this listed above accept accuracy and 3D.peter m. of lionhead speaks as if natal is less accurate than move.and microsoft is not doing 3D.

but i will say that microsoft seems to want to add gesture to the dashboard.something i always wanted sony to do with the XMB with the pseye.just have to wait and see i guess.maybe they will have XMB control at E3 with move.

as for nintendo,what else can they do?there's no HD,no 3D,no high level graphics,no real online play,no accuracy...what else can they do besides adding yet ANOTHER ACCESSORY?dropping a new console with 3D or HD won't work either.why by a wii or a wii HD when i got a ps3 that does EVERYTHING?and will do anything the wiimote can do but better?

better graphics,better animations,better physics,better A.I.,better music,better control,better downloads(as wii still doesn't have a hard drive for bigger games).after move comes out,what is the point of wii?i have a ps3 and don't need a wii now....OR EVER.

E3 is going to be an interesting one.
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Def Warrant  +   2150d ago
lol hhg strikes again.

on topic: The wii has come and gone. Let the true HD wand take over.
Kleptic  +   2150d ago
I don't know long as people like Ellen, they will like the Wii...We're not all supposed to get it, so whatever...
akashifire  +   2150d ago
I fail to see how Sony's 'Move' revolutionized the industry when it's not even out yet.
FangBlade  +   2150d ago
you fail period.
Honky Kong  +   2150d ago
Wow I thought the wii did this already
And looks like nintendo will beat Sony to 3D most likely... Did any of you see the 3DS speculation video? Looks cool. Oh and on topic I remember not so long ago motion controls were a gimmick, now what?
Biggest  +   2150d ago
I was saying the same thing. The 3DS is going to be INSANE! It's like a better version of the Virtual Boy. Sony is doing that stupid 3D in HD crap. We don't want HD. I want 8bit or 16bit 3D. That's REAL 3D.
nycredude  +   2150d ago
3d on a tiny handheld without glasses is a gimmick bro. Nintendo's success is based on nothing but hype and some games with recognizable names, and that is it. Everyone i know who bought a wii stop using it shortly after and it becomes an expensive paperweight.
Arnon  +   2150d ago
It's a gimmick to not wear glasses to view 3D?

Rofl ok. I'll be sure to keep that in mind and instead, put on a pair of uncomfortable glasses every time I want to watch TV.
DelbertGrady  +   2150d ago
In the video he's acting all retarded over the fact that you can move around cubes with the Move wand. He calls himself a gamer but seems to be completely unaware of a Wii game called Boom Blox, that came out in 2008. Ignorant and naive as always.

Related video
Simon_Brezhnev   2150d ago | Spam
OGharryjoysticks  +   2150d ago
Nintendo will still run things because
Shovelware. Nintendo gets a ton of it and to the non-hardcore gamer some of those games are appealing on the game's idea alone. It still costs too much to develop games on PS3 so even though the motion based PS3 games might become the best next thing, if it doesn't have a game selection of 1000's of games I don't think Nintendo has much to worry about.

Everybody here has bought a total dud game just because they thought the game's concept or something sounded cool. And for the Wii crowd there's far too many choices to buy a PS3 and MOVE for one or 2 games no matter how neato they look in HD.
The Maxx  +   2150d ago
Gamers everywhere listen up, SONY has done it they have literally revolutionized the industry once again. The Playstation Move has proved to be the ultimate triple threat in motion gaming.”

- Holy Fack. The first sentence is so full of Sony BS I would swear Sony has their d!ck so far up HipHopGamers ass that the head pokes out of HipHopGamers mouth and it’s the one saying all this BS like the quote I stated above.

How has SONY “LITEALLY” revolutionized the industry once again? With the MOVE? LOL how sad. When the move can be used WITHOUT a controller than come talk to me about about “revolutionizing” the industry.

“The Playstation Move has to be seen to be believed because this holiday season Reggie will have some serious problems.” – No he won’t. When the PS3 sells another 27 million before christmas this year to be around the total userbase that the Wii is at due to the MOVE, THEN and only THEN will Reggie have something to worry about. Until then SONY’s PS3 is a last place console playing catch up.

“you see that, you see that, look at my hand, pow look at that…’” ya I saw that, I also saw that demo a YEAR ago however I don’t recall that amount of LAG from what I saw a year ago. You just demo’d the same Tech Demo we all saw from last year, and NOW you are saying that they “revolutionized” Again. LOL. Bring something NEW that we haven’t seen next time to support WHY YOU THINK that Sony is revolutionizing the industry since the industry doesn’t seem to see EYE to EYE with your constant positive bias Sony agenda regarding the MOVE…With the way you titled your article and reading your first sentence, I thought you had something new to show…but it was just the same recycled tech demo’s we have all seen a year ago.

Now I think the MOVE is pretty awesome as I will be getting it DAY 1, along with an additional set of MOVE’S so that I can get the wife into gaming, but EVERY SINGLE HHG vidicle is ALWAYS PRO SONY AND HOW GREAT SONY IS….really to the point of looking like a sickness. It’s either Sony vs Nintendo…Sony wins, Nintendo can’t compete, or Sony vs. MS and MS can’t compete. With HHG Sony can do no wrong. I swear HHG is the biggest Sony Fanboy there is. He is their #1 spokesperson and Sony doesn’t even Pay him….and why should they? HHG does it for free already.
atticus14  +   2150d ago
I cant help myself...
holdmedownma2008  +   2150d ago
It's beyond me why he gets attack for liking a product. Anyway I notice that this guy "The Maxx" has the same exact comment as this Man_of_the_year person on your site. But I thought this man of the year guy said he doesn't comment on this site? Hmmmmm
The Maxx  +   2150d ago
Please indicate where I said I (aka Man_of_the_Year on TheBitBag) wouldn't comment on N4G.

Waiting for the source/link. Thanks
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Darkfiber  +   2150d ago
Haha whaaat. Just because you say something doesn't mean it's true. It's only the "future" if people actually buy it, which they wont.
nycredude  +   2150d ago
Do you have a crystal ball or something. You know what over 35 million people will or will not buy?

I am buying it. Look on this thread and you will see many people are going to buy it. There is room for this. You may not like it but thank goodness Sony is smart enough to know not everyone wants the same thing.
oobob  +   2150d ago
"Do you have a crystal ball or something. You know what over 35 million people will or will not buy?"

Something less than 27 million people have already purchased?

"I am buying it. Look on this thread and you will see many people are going to buy it. There is room for this. You may not like it but thank goodness Sony is smart enough to know not everyone wants the same thing."

All 28 million commenters?
PimpHandHappy  +   2150d ago
the Move will have MANY more games then what you think.... i mean come on... its Sony

im not interested right now in any wand or Camera motion capture but that doesn't mean i wont see MANY games use it and a few use it well, well the Move at least :-)

i will never own a Wii and with a 4yr old in my house the MOVE might just be the answer for him... i cant let him play real games just yet
OGharryjoysticks  +   2150d ago
I think it will get some games
But there's so many games for the Wii that if somebody was walking into the electronics store and looked at everything without knowing everything already, my guess is they go with the Wii still because there's a ton of games. Some of those games are under 10 bucks even. And if you only have "X" ammount of money (which is a major factor in this now since the real game heads already have systems) that you want to spend on something you're not that into I just don't see the mass market a.k.a Wii crowd switching.

And the Wii is cheaper.
nycredude  +   2150d ago
This is not just to try to take the wii crowd. This is also an option for the existing Ps3 and soon to be Ps3 owners. There are more than 35,000,000 Ps3 owners and will be closer to 40,000,000 when this releases!!!! That is a lot of potential buyers!
thief  +   2150d ago
The reason HHG gets all the hate
is because the PS3 haters were using the same kind of flamebait and sensational statements to attack the PS3, and they were proven to be lies – “cell is useless for gaming”, “360 easy to develop for”, 360 has the awesome unified RAM.

You would believe the PS3 was a crappy, useless console but in reality Halo, the biggest 360 franchise, is still trying to reach close to the level of KZ 2 after 3 attempts and 5 years and the 360 flops when trying to handle FF13

Whereas, when HHG gets excited about the PS3, he is proven right. GoW being a case in point, and Move will be the same.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2150d ago
graphics, graphics graphics.. Is that all that matters to you? It sure sounds like it.. Remember that stuff called game play?
Linzoid  +   2150d ago
You make a very valid point about gameplay.

However when you look at games like Killzone 2, Uncharted 1 & 2, God of War, I could go on... You have the best of both worlds.

Not many other systems can claim both crowns like the PS3
prejur  +   2150d ago
We all know the PS3 is more powerful than the Wii. The MOVE could be huge but I want to see the goods first.

I think the public is not going to react well to the MOVE as it's obviously a Wii ripoff by every definition of the word.
N4g_null  +   2150d ago
The ps3 crowd is opptimistic to a fualt. HHG should reframe from talking about nintendo. Seriously that war is over. Sure the ps3 has more power yet just like the pc it's price is a major problem. It's games are even a problem. To put it simply they(Sony) inherented the hardcore from ms due to rrod. So far hype is the last thing killing Sony. So many gamers ate let down by ps3s game selection.

To put it in simple terms Sony only understands ps3 gamers. Sort of like how ms only understands developers wants for tools. The wii right now is on the low end of the market where consoles do their work much like the ps2.

Sure the ps3 gets better graphics but even I don't care about that as much any more. It's weird though I remember the march to high end it was great yet now that we are here I'm waiting for real gaming to return. I'm waiting for real gamers to return. I'm really getting tired of online gaming being the only reason to keep playing a game.

I see the ps3 as the next neo geo in away. It lost very badly but those games sure where cool may be not as fun but they where cool. Neo geo owners did not care about the console war. Ps3 should have the same mentality. The fact that you are loosing and you are being a sore looser makes the whole fan base look bad. On top of this greatness need critics.

Imagine the ps3 with two or more cells. This could have been true but they choose to follow ms who was not an industry leader. Now we have pc gamers instead of console gamers and the sales prove it. If it's not realistic or a fps they are not buying it.

More and more hardcore gamers will leave this gen. Hype bias and down right milking is ruining gaming as a whole.
bobrea  +   2150d ago
How the hell does this idiot get to play unreleased games and talk about them like a hoodrat piece of **** and I can't get into these eventsa nd actually write something decent about it?
Biggest  +   2150d ago
tordavis  +   2150d ago
Do some work and stop complaining on N4G.
Nike  +   2150d ago

Work? You mean having HHG come up with a rumour, which you validate and vice versa for hits? Yeah, you two definitely got it going on, aight.
The Maxx  +   2150d ago
Sorry Nike, but you are wrong here. Yes they feed hits off each other, but there is no doubt that HHG works hard to get in to these events. The more you create reports with devs, the more they become to trust you, the more they are willing to allow you to have certain information and get into events.

HHG and Torrence do work hard. But mainly HHG. HHG's only problem is that he is still an amateur when it comes to Journalism. He uses his feelings as a PS3 fanboy and creates flamebait titles without actually researching information. But HHG does work hard to get into events...even if it's totally sucking the balls from Sony 1st party devs or 3rd party developers that dev games exclusively for the PS3.
bobrea  +   2150d ago
My main point is that this bafoon is the epitome of unprofessional.
mirroredderorrim  +   2150d ago
You should really get to know the concept of Entertainment. I bet if it was between you and him, he would get picked to have his own show, over you. I don't think he's the greatest, but at least he's come up from being not credible, to being very credible.

Him visiting Sony Santa Monica Studios have proved he's about gaming. Traveling from New York to California just to talk to some people as well as go out of the way to get the footage on N4G. It takes work. If you can't respect the mans personality at least respect what he is covering or the work put in.
#14.6 (Edited 2150d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bobrea  +   2150d ago
It must be pretty easy to pass off a generalization like that without knowing a thing about me. Don't tell me I'm not about gaming because im 100% about gaming. You don't know me so it's totally stupid for you to pass a judgment like that. I have my right to not like this man or the way he carries about his business, which I don't. You don't have to agree with me, but don't pass a stupid judgment on me, either.
turok  +   2150d ago
as I have a Wii and a PS3 have no reason to get move especially since I have the Wii. That and since most gamers are teh fat lazy tards playstation move will work them to the point where they feel like vomiting due to "too much exercise" lol. If ur not a fat lazy gamer (which accounts at least 40-60% gamer population) then ps move is for u but if u are and u think it be awesome for ya then click the image thing to see what i think about u guys using move.

Related image(s)
#15 (Edited 2150d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ThatArtGuy  +   2150d ago
Stereotype much?!? If you think 40-60% of the gaming population is overweight, you must be one of them.
DelbertGrady  +   2150d ago
HHG's mentor and main source of information:
Aphe  +   2150d ago
He looks like the spawn of Mr T.
JackBNimble  +   2150d ago
HHG is an embarrassment to PS3ers.
Wrathman  +   2150d ago
typical ps3 fan right there.thinks he is mature.but he is only 11
TD_RJ  +   2149d ago
typical xbox 360 fan right there.thinks he is mature.but he is only 11
Lightel0s  +   2150d ago
HHG SHOW is a epic fail.
turok  +   2150d ago
any website or blog that doesn't end with .com,.et, etc or is a subdomain (notice that HHG is under a ning account as ning is some social networking thing) is fail. Hell pachter has more credibility to comment the bs he says as he's an "analyst" that actually gets paid to say the bs or the obvious. If this came from kotaku or somesome other gaming site then i'd respect it more as they are actual gaming sites.
tordavis  +   2150d ago
An actual gaming site is just that, a gaming site. Doesn't matter if it ends in or not. And in this case, exists. So you must believe he's credible right?
Nike  +   2150d ago
Because nitpicking technicalities in their arguments is totally the way to show HHG has credibility.
DelbertGrady  +   2150d ago
The difference between HHG and gaming sites like Kotaku and others is that unlike HHG they back up their claims with real sources. And if they didn't they would get tons of heat from readers and other publications and lose their credibility.

Big gaming sites are expected to provide credible news backed with proper source material. Since HHG's source has always been his own subjective opinion it's too late for him to build up any credibility among readers, so he just keep on posting the same manufactured flamebait week in and week out.
#17.4 (Edited 2150d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
bjornbear  +   2150d ago
sony didn't say it...he did
=/ he acts like he's on uppers, give it a break =P

still, i have to admit for the first time in history HHG has good footage (skip to 20 min)

very cool tech demo =) still very bare though, lets see what they come up with...

still HHG = most unprofessional person i've ever seen =/

i bet everyone's thinking who this guy is screaming around GDC =P
GodGinrai  +   2150d ago
i bet everyone's thinking who this guy is screaming around GDC =P
yeah it was funny! Ill admit though , i like his enthusiasm. he should be a talk show host! theres a part when the rep says that you can duck...he ducks before the guy can even finish his sentence,before the rep explains he has to push a
SUPREME RULER  +   2150d ago
poor wii it's time to die
move is way better, sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trounbyfire  +   2150d ago
just think the cam guy nodding like "yeah" was funny LOL
AMZSS  +   2150d ago
I didn't buy the wii so this will be my chance to have the motion controller .
atticus14  +   2150d ago
its funny to watch some of you fanboys get in defense mode over a HHG show. This week he's on Sonys nuts because its the story he has...last week it was nvidia - its as simple as this people... whatever company gives him the time of day - he proclaims them the second coming and im sure they eat it up...he's a bigger corporate yuppie then the PR guys they hire to work for them. If his story was about natal next week, it would "blow away move", if ATI gave him an interview - they would be the best gfx card company by far. I've never seen such a sellout in my life, but if its getting him where he wants to be, good for him I guess.
exclusive_loser  +   2150d ago
When I move you move
Just like that?
When I move you move
Just like that?
When I move you move
Just like that?
You just know SONY is right on track

#23 (Edited 2150d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
midgard227  +   2150d ago
lol well the ps3 is hd and using the Move is optional. unfortunatly with the wii u almost always have to use that dumb remote, i just like using the controllers, tho i will say i hate the GC controller sux really bad, worst d-pad ever, even worse than 360's, why the f is it so tiny, and that hexagonal analog stick wtf.

no wonder i barley play the wii, maybe if there was more games that didnt use the wii controller like demon blade muramasa i wud use it more
CherryLu-Chan  +   2150d ago
How does Sony "revolutionise the industry"...
.. when Nintendo has done it previously?

If Sony push the boundaries of what can be done with motion control, factoring in the extra power, perhaps, but not quite. Extra power doesn't necessarily mean better and Nintendo are masters at *gaming*.

It's an aspect that Nintendo have tended to forget about though - and hopefully it should inspire a little more competition and perhaps something more coming from Miyamoto & friends.

And then we see as/when/if Natal steps up to the plate.

An incendiary article, intended to inspire debate, utterly, but .. come onnnn. XD

I do look forward to the fanboy folks who damned motion controls who suddenly think it's now the best thing since boobs.
midgard227  +   2150d ago
besides wii sports the motion control sux or is used for garbage like fit and carnival games, i havent seen many games use it correctly, not even nintendos games. metroid was alright but not that amazing with the controller.

so no nintendo nneeds to step it up aswell
bjornbear  +   2150d ago
i agree it won't revolutionise the general industry so much
but it will be a revolution in terms of how precise it is and what else you can do with it

its another great step in the whole motion controller business...wtv the hell that is
AWBrawler  +   2150d ago
Not since boobs. lol

Maybe booty, booty is overrated
DigitalAnalog  +   2150d ago
SONY better have their QA on standby....
Cause the amount of shareware that will rain at this front would be overwhelming

*looks at Wii games.

-End statement
madpuppy  +   2150d ago
DigitalAnalog  +   2150d ago
hahahaa, thanks for the correction.

-End statement
Nac  +   2150d ago
Penny Arcade said it best.
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Dellis  +   2150d ago
This needs to be 79.99

anything above that is too much
Voozi  +   2150d ago
Actually met up with HHG at the NYC Move showing/gathering and he's legit. The videos don't do him justice when you actually get to meet him and be around him irl. He kept things pretty exciting I must say, in a good way. Was nice being able to meet him.

Anyway, after meeting him and actually being around him during parts of the night, etc, I'll now never understand the "hate" for him lol he receives here. Way I see it now is, someone simply expressing his enthusiasm, passion, and excitement for gaming, and in this case the new Move tech.

Keep doing your thing HHG, hopefully I'll run into you again at a future event that I'll be able to make. Oh and this able to spin the belt :( never had a chance to do that lol.

PS: Saw a glimpse of myself in the video for a quick second or two lol. And nice video too, knew this would appear sooner or later haha.
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CherryLu-Chan  +   2150d ago
That's what I was intimating with Nintendo stepping up to the plate to a greater degree and it will be fun to see where it pushes them.

I've personally enjoyed the heck out of it on things like Mario Kart, No More Heroes, Zelda, but there's so much more that could be done.
With a bit of luck, the winner will be the most innovative ^-^

And whilst not even vaguely inovative, but purely from the gaming core of me - Resistance 3 with motion controls does get me more than a lil smiley!
Nac  +   2150d ago
Is it
innovative when your doing whats already been done?
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