Hey Reggie, Sony Says "It's Over" PS Move Is The Future

Gamers everywhere listen up, SONY has done it they have literally revolutionized the industry once again. The Playstation Move has proved to be the ultimate triple threat in motion gaming.

The camera, the voice, and the control will have hardcore and casual gamers going even more crazier than the Wii following. The Playstation Move has to be seen to be believed because this holiday season Reggie will have some serious problems.

The Footage In This Video Is Deeper Than What Was Seen By Engadget Check It Out

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qface643185d ago

the tittle made me LOL
if sony actually did say that then again LOL

FangBlade3185d ago


mikeslemonade3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Fight Night Round 5 day one purchase for PS3.

Inside_out3185d ago

HHG is so unprofessional...screaming like a girl...It's like he's high or something, jumping up and down...Oh sheeet, it's a robot on the screen...Damn, its over...LMFAO...Settle down and conduct an INTERVIEW...I can See this guy in front on a traffic signal..oh man , another color...Can't watch...Moving on...BTW, move DOES " move " really well, so does the Wii...HD the big difference...Sony should concentrate on that aspect...

thedarkestfaction3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I really hate your show. It takes 10 minutes to explain something that would take a true professional 30 seconds. You make amazing claims which cause me to click on your links only to find out that I must endure an uncomfortable amount of bad dialog and dribble only to be let down by a bias, convoluted opinion. Please clean your pos show up and make it somewhat enjoyable by the people that unknowingly click on your torturous links.

Nike3185d ago

The heading is just the Hip Hop Retard's way of garnering hits through controversy. Sony didn't say those lines, and if they did, they'd have a far clever way of doing so then Gerard's 3rd grade education could comprehend.

Wh15ky3185d ago

That was painful to watch, he's like a 10 year old with ADHD.

Love the idea of using Move for fight night though.

Darkfocus3185d ago

even more crazier? please learn proper grammar if your in the field of journalism 6_6

Comet3185d ago

I would like to see some of you conduct interviews...
I was actually laughing throughout that video ;D

SWORDF1SH3185d ago

To be honest I've had mixed opinions of HHG. But I like his love and passion for games.

People that have a grudge against him because of the way he speaks are just dumb.

Let the guy do what he does. If you dont like him then don't watch. It's like you telling me what music you like and then me saying that those bands are sh*t because I don't like them.

In my opinion does it a lot better and more interesting way that most "proper" journalist.

My main issue with HHG is that he does use flamebait titles. But is that really the problem or are fanboys that ruin n4g the real problem??

Any way thats my two pennies.

Mr Tretton3185d ago

Guys, trying to critique HHG and suggesting change to him is like telling a cat to bark like a dog. No comprende!

Lykon3184d ago

my attention went after he said the about the wii being a good system, of course move will be better than the wii, an atari 2600 on a black and white potable tv is better than the wii ffs

Lich1203184d ago

How many people out there are like me and hate this stuff? Im not talking about move vs. Natal ns. Wii. But just this motion crap in general. I don't care who "wins" I want it to go away...

Lykon3184d ago

Yes I feel the same way. a friend made the mistake of buying a wii and a few of us spent a couple of hours waving our arms about madly to a boxing game one night. There was no relation between what we were doing and what was happening on the screen AT ALL. Although I'm certain had we been playing with the clearly vastly more acurate Move it would have been a completely different and superior experience. Recently had the misfortune to play through heavy rain and hated the parts where you are meant to shake the controller. I'm sure that Move will be one of the better if not the best implemented motion sensing tech but i'm more concerned about game development resourses being drained
towards shallow party games or gimped FPS's

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Michael Myers3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

not used to things like this, but im looking forward to using this device. looks better than the competition in my honest opinion.

Raf1k13185d ago

It seems more and more people are starting to think that Move will actually be good.

sikbeta3185d ago

Tell me about that... I was so against this motion-device calling it PS-D!ldo and stuff, not giving a damn about every article and always saying to people to not jump into the motion-hype, but after watching the "Minority-Report" Video, that video was amazing and I think "Move" will be Good...

meetajhu3185d ago

I'm a happy Sony fan who always get excited for Sony does. Sony is awesome. Playstation the best. Bring back Ken Kutaragi

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

''It seems more and more people are starting to think that Move will actually be good.''

Watching the footage in the video, yeah. And much better will be because they will bring Hardcore Games and not Casuals only.

PS Camera
-Voice and Face Recognition
-Body Tracking even the Fingers can be tracked.
Plus the Motion feature for Hardcore games.

Obviously people is getting excited about this.

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matey3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

hiphopgamer u are a retarded fool with speech impediment stop thinking all about graphics m8 because when the wii2 hits or even Zelda wii u will be eating your words m8 and to throw the wiimote like that how much is sony paying u anyway noone listens to your crap yes i listened to 1min and realised u have been payed by sony the wiimote is more advanced than the move its been said off people that know what there on about your a dam fool u know that grow up wii has a W3 HDMI UPSCALER to 1080p/super resolution ive seen galaxy 2/plus a few others and them games graphically are better than ps3 inabit

Kors3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

"u know that grow up wii has a W3 HDMI UPSCALER to 1080p/super resolution"

Upscaled 1080p graphics is not the same stuff as NATIVELY RENDERED 1080p graphics.

"ive seen galaxy 2/plus a few others and them games graphically are better than ps3 inabit"

Better than God of War III? Better than Uncharted 2? Better than Heavy Rain? Better than Killzone 2?

sikbeta3185d ago


Even they know what're you saying is Pure Crap:


Apocalypse Shadow3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

but you got to focus and really make you questions hit hard.the video was something most of us have seen but it at least gives others who didn't see the engadget show something to look at.

props to nintendo for packing it in,making motion control hot and opening up a new market for developers and gamers.props for that.besides that,they have done nothing else but add accessory after accessory.

ps3 move at the end of this gen

wii after this gen is over:

look at all that JUNK.

closets can only store so move kills the idea of tons of accessories.the controller can be ANYTHING the developers want it to need to buy all these ONE move and it can be a gun,steering wheel,sword,light saber,tennis racket,etc.

move is the perfect balance between the wiimote and natal.gamers need BUTTONS.and as a core gamer,it's what i missed with the eyetoy/pseye.i didn't feel move gives me more options with my pseye camera.i still wish (like phil harrison)that sony did more for the eyetoy.but the eye at least gets a second chance.

face recognition,voice recognition,augmented reality,gesture,head tracking,body tracking,accuracy and upcoming 3D.

now,natal can do most of this listed above accept accuracy and 3D.peter m. of lionhead speaks as if natal is less accurate than move.and microsoft is not doing 3D.

but i will say that microsoft seems to want to add gesture to the dashboard.something i always wanted sony to do with the XMB with the pseye.just have to wait and see i guess.maybe they will have XMB control at E3 with move.

as for nintendo,what else can they do?there's no HD,no 3D,no high level graphics,no real online play,no accuracy...what else can they do besides adding yet ANOTHER ACCESSORY?dropping a new console with 3D or HD won't work either.why by a wii or a wii HD when i got a ps3 that does EVERYTHING?and will do anything the wiimote can do but better?

better graphics,better animations,better physics,better A.I.,better music,better control,better downloads(as wii still doesn't have a hard drive for bigger games).after move comes out,what is the point of wii?i have a ps3 and don't need a wii now....OR EVER.

E3 is going to be an interesting one.

Def Warrant3185d ago

lol hhg strikes again.

on topic: The wii has come and gone. Let the true HD wand take over.

Kleptic3185d ago

I don't know long as people like Ellen, they will like the Wii...We're not all supposed to get it, so whatever...