New art of The Last Story

Get a first look at character designs in Mistwalker's first Wii title, The Last Story.

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Valay3010d ago

This game, along with Xenoblade, look very promising. Hoping they turn out well since the Wii could always use some good RPGs.

qface643010d ago

damn it i want some screens or a video Dx

van-essa3010d ago

We'll probably get some at E3.

-MD-3010d ago

This game makes me want a wii so bad... I'll keep holding out for an HD wii though.

labwarrior3010d ago

Which is obvious with Wii hardware

van-essa3010d ago

It's not all about graphics. Especially when it comes to RPGs a compelling story and good gameplay are very important.

Meryl3010d ago

lol FF XIII had supreme visuals but it's story was totally average, if this is the way RPG's are headed I will take story over graphics any day

The 10th Rider3010d ago

Not to mention how good SMG2, Metroid other M, Monster Hunter 3, Red Steel 2, and all those other games look. The Wii doesn't really have horrible graphics, it's just the reputation from all the shovel-ware.

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SpoonyRedMage3010d ago

Looking awesome, make it more like FFIX Gooch!

I'm still intrigued as to what device it will be using, I'm still thinking vitality sensor which could mean some funky mechanics.

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The story is too old to be commented.