A New BioShock 2 Gene Tonic to Cure Writer's Block

2K Games sent custom pens to the press as part of a publicity mailing for the recently released Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack downloadable content for BioShock 2. The pens are shaped like syringes, because they're supposed to administer "Hemingway's Helper," a new Gene Tonic power to help cure writer's block.

This pen was accompanied with a letter from Augustus Sinclair of Rapture's Sinclair Solutions, all to keep with the general mood and tone of BioShock 2. A scan of the letter and a picture of the pen is included in the article.

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bearsfaan3188d ago

I have no idea why this item exists, but it's still pretty cool.

Gungnir3188d ago

I wouldn't mind owning one of those pens.

Tolkoto3188d ago

I suddenly want to become a splicer.

Sadie21003188d ago

Didn't know everyone would be so excited to actually own this thing....