Shipment figures for the Yakuza series revealed

Sega reveals some shipment figures from their popular (at least in Japan) Yakuza series.

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AKS3187d ago

I wish they would release the Yakuza games in the West in a more timely manner. Or add English subtitles to the Eastern releases and let me import them. Yakuza 3 is awesome but seems a bit dated by the time it comes out here. I've already played the Yakuza 4 demo. It's a great series with a lousy Western release schedule.

ThanatosDMC3187d ago

I know! Damn, i cant wait to get my hands on this one. They better sub it properly this time. The translation for the third was horrible if you understand a little bit of japanese.

Yi-Long3187d ago

... I'm a huge asian movie buff, plus I love crime stories and videogames. This would have been a must-buy for me, if they hadn't screwed the release up by cutting stuff out.

I hope for Yakuza 5, Sega makes the smart decision to already incorporate the english subs during the development, so they can release the game as quickly (and uncut) in the west as possible.

I'll never buy a cut/censored game though. Nor a game that lacks the original language.

PooEgg3187d ago

If people don't buy 3 it is just that much less reason for them to bring 4 over, so if you own a PS3 and want to see Yakuza 4 sooner, get your bottoms to the store and buy 3, because I bought 1, 2 & 3, and would like to buy 4 someday.

I am talking to all of you who seem to spend more time bashing stuff (like the fact that something got cut from this game) and less time actually buying & playing games. : P

And if you want to take a stand about what got cut out of 3, do it by writing the company a polite & respectful letter and letting them know that you hope they will not do that again in the future, that might actually make a difference.

Yi-Long3187d ago

...I ain't gonna do that. I'm not going to buy an incomplete game for full price, just so they'll consider releasing Yakuza 4 here as well (and probably stiffing us again...)

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The Killer3187d ago

thats it.

not bad, they could do another 500k if they release it world wide!!