Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Details writes, "The Halo: Reach beta is inching closer and closer, and we're sure that May 3rd will involve quite a few "sick days" across the globe at various jobs and schools. Today, we're bringing to you a quick details on the multiplayer beta for Halo: Reach that were..."

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BeaArthur3188d ago

Not surprising. I wouldn't be surprised if the all the maps we have seen in footage so far are in the beta. I think they will try and keep the non beta maps a secret until closer to the games release.

DirtyLary3188d ago

May 3rd National Hookie day.

BeaArthur3188d ago

I'll probably be at work but I might find an excuse to leave early.

lams1013188d ago

Bungie is the only dev that i know of that engages their community in the way that they do. I always go to every single day. they link to the halo fan sites and comment in forum threads and Ive even played with the devs themselves on multiple occasions as recently as last week. on top of that they support the games they make and i can trust that their games will not be the same rendition over and over again.

BeaArthur3188d ago

AngryFork...until they messed with the health in U2. I loved that multiplayer until they tried to make it more "accessible" to less skilled players. Update 1.05 ruined that game for me.

-Alpha3188d ago

For God's sake they screwed up the health in their game.

Bungie knows how MP works and are extremely dedicated and committed to their community. They are experts in MP, while Naughty Dog is fairly new to the area to the point that they needed help from other developers.

Naughty Dog made a great game, but in terms of MP nobody compares to Bungie. Nobody.

BeaArthur3188d ago

Alpha-Male22...the most impressive thing about Bungie is after millions and millions of unique players have played Halo 3, I believe they have only had 1 patch/update since the games release.

TROLL EATER3188d ago

naughty dog thanked bungie remember

Bnet3433188d ago

What I like about Bungie is just that. They are very loyal to their fanbase and listen to what they want on top of making a polished game. That's why you don't see glitches in Halo games like you see in MW2.

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lams1013188d ago

if naughty dogs does interact with the community the way i described bungie then good for them. I dont have a PS3 but i admire naughty dog's work.

(they thanked bungie in the credits...)

-Alpha3188d ago

As much as I love them they have problems executing what the community asks for.

They completely screwed up the health first of all, and secondly, they upset many players when they started punishing any quitters with a rather hefty penalty-- this applied to even players who quit involuntarily.

They listen, but don't know how to execute. It's understandable considering they are fairly new.

Bungie on the other hand are much more experienced and are amazingly consistent from what I've seen. I'm amazingly hyped for Halo Reach partly because of Bungie's reputation alone.

IdleLeeSiuLung3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I think it is a good thing to punish quitters even at the detriment of involuntary quitters. Most likely the quitters far exceed the involuntary ones. However, the punishment might have been a little too harsh.

Things they could do is consider:

- How often the quitters quit i.e. number of times and give them a warning
- The game circumstances, if you are on the winning party and get's disconnected don't punish them (why would they quit in a winning game?)

Major Kanimo3188d ago


TROLL EATER3188d ago

yh fall 2010 gonna be nuclear bomb

Gish3188d ago

bought ODST from gamefly for 14 bucks yesterday. Should include the beta i would assume. Hopefully they recondition the disc's for the 360's. I have bought PS3 disc's from them before but those are pretty durable. I know this is way off topic, but if I didn't play Halo 3, will ODST be confusing? I have played H1 and H2 (not saying i totally understood the story from H2) but not H3. Will i still be good to go?

X_GAMER_X3188d ago

Halo ODST takes place between halo 2 and halo 3.
I think also befor halo 3 even begins. :)

Gish3188d ago

So technically I am doing them in the right order :) Thanks!

stickskills3188d ago

Even without doing them in order, you can get the gist of what's going on for the most part.

Gish3188d ago

To tell you the truth, i did get a bit lost in Halo 2's story. I will have to read up the synopsis online.

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