Vanquish to use an upgraded version of Bayonetta engine

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

A recent issue of Play Generation, an Italian PlayStation magazine, features a four page article and interview covering the Vanquish, shown for the first time last month in Japan. Mikami says that Vanquish will see the return of the Vanquish engine, albeit, a 'highly upgraded and modified' iteration of it.

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JustCallMeMarcus3041d ago

At least it will play well on the 360 :\

ChozenWoan3041d ago

*opens window and tosses out all cares for this game to the wind.*

nycredude3041d ago

Translation: It will look slightly better than crap, on BOTH consoles.

TheHater3041d ago

expect a sh1tty PS3 version of the game. We all know how well Bayonetta looks and run on the PS3

dericb113041d ago

PS3 is the lead platform. If it came out bad that would be really weird.

El_Colombiano3041d ago

Guys! Lead development on PS3.

TheHater3041d ago

Leading on the PS3 doesn't necessarily equal better performance.
Ghostbusters is a perfect example of this.

Godmars2903041d ago

With the same game engine that they refused to port to the PS3.

All it probably means, with the PS3 as the lead platform for this game, that they already have little issue with making the 360 version.

inbetweener3041d ago

oh joy. Looking forward to screen tearing during my slideshow.

-MD-3041d ago

Was the PS3 version of Bayonetta honestly THAT bad?

Godmars2903041d ago

No, this news just doesn't give any assurances that they'll do a good job. This is their time really working with the PS3. They could even end up doing a worse job than Sega did.

Baba19063041d ago

i only had the ps3 version and i didnt notice any big problems. i thought it looked great. so i dont mind.

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