Move Over Natal, Sony Wants to Play

Pixel Enemy writes: Out of the Revolution that Nintendo once promised came an evolution; a device that would truly turn the gaming world on its head, a device that would succeed where its predecessors have failed, and a device created by the very same company that once took the console crown away from Nintendo.

That device is the Sony PlayStation Move.

Many will describe The PlayStation Move as a motion controller, a Wii Too, or sex toy, but it's more than that - a lot more. Using a combination of colored orbs, accelerometers, gyrometers, and a camera, the PlayStation Move is more than meets the PlayStation Eye (yeah, you see what I did there). It's a complete video game control scheme that is capable of achieving true one-to-one movements, head tracking, augmented reality, real 3-D movements, and much more.

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LordMarius3159d ago

I will rather buy the next iteration, therefore they would have cleared up all the kinks and would have establish franchises

toaster3159d ago

"Many will describe The PlayStation Move as a motion controller, a Wii Too, or sex toy"

Sex toy?! Honestly, have you ever heard anyone call it that? Besides the obvious answer being fanboys of course..

Lifendz3159d ago

and I already own a PSeye so maybe I'll splurge for the move. I know my gf and parents will get a kick out of it.

Motion3158d ago

lol, 360 fanboys think it's a "sex toy" because they are used to microsoft screwing them so often.

King_of _the_Casuals3158d ago

Sorry guys but the MOVE is destined to fail. Not being a fanboy here because I personally think it will be the best of the bunch. But it has MAJOR factors that will hold it back:

1. No MARKET.....We all know the PS3 is the best console for us...the hardcore gamers. But motion sensor controls are for the casual gamers....a market the PS3 has failed to attract due to the high pricepoint.

2. PRESENCE....Imagine your a parent who knows little about gaming. Nintendo is easy choice. The Xbox is the cheapest of the bunch....with a cool new gadget the media is crazy about!! Sounds interesting! PS3...a technical marvel....but one with a the highest price point. And that control...isn't that the same thing as the Wii??? (Talking about uniformed parents here)

3. PRICE.....With Natal you buy one camera and it can read up to 4 people in a game. The "MOVE" need up to 2 wands for some games, not including the nunchuk. And up to 4 if you want to play with only 1 other the camera.

Like I said, for us who know gaming it's an easy choose which one will be best. But you gotta realize that this is one market WE do not control. It's for the casual market.

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ThePostalDudeX3159d ago

If Natal works I'll buy it instead of Move. Why? If I'm going with motion control I'd rather look like a retard with nothing in my hands then a retard with two pink fairy wands jumping around.

nix3159d ago

and i wonder how you're going to play Natal just standing like a tree trunk.

Baba19063159d ago

who said you have to get the pink one. =D get a blue fairy wand.

Johnny Rotten3159d ago

just think of it as ping pong ball that someone crazy glued to the controller as a joke!

jayblings3159d ago

Actually the LED light inside the ball is capable of over 300 different it could be any color you like

ThePostalDudeX3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

nix I said I'd rather look like a retard moving my whole body then having two wands in my hand to worry about(Think Wii smashed screens) but then who the hell knows in Natal I'll probably put my foot thought the screen and electrocute myself to death. Can't wait for fatality news coming on N4G if that happens, then again it's really just my opionin. And Jayblings that's nice.

Johnny Rotten3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

actually if the wand has a RGB LED inside of the ping pong ball it would be capable of 16,777 different shades. Assuming that it's running PWM in a range of 0-255,(256x256x256). :)

JustTheFactsMr3159d ago

Comes with a strap but in addition it is shaped fatter at the bottom, skinny in the middle, fatter at the top.

Kind of like hammers and hatchets are designed so they don't slip or fly out of your hands as easily as a straight design.

jayblings3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

At the NYC event they showed an example of changing the ball color with a color slider on screen. I was told that it could do around 300 colors. I think because the camera can't pick up white or black its probably limited to 300 for that reason. But that is some really good information you have there and if I ever get a chance to talk to these guys again I'll have to ask them that. Thanks =)

Syronicus3159d ago

Some would argue that it doesn't take a motion controller to make you look like a retard... Or at least post like one.

If you are not interested in motion control, then don't post about it...

TheHater3159d ago

I was at the event in NYC this past Tuesday. Did you see the stuff that was left out of the E3 demo running on the debug unit? That fricken sold me on the Playstation MOVE and now I am interested in this motion controller. I don't understand why SONY did let them demo that part of the demo at E3 last year.
I was shock that they let us mess around with the E3 demo and the other demos also. Really cool guys working on the Playstation moves.

jayblings3159d ago

Yea, that was pretty cool of that guy to pull up the E3 demo. At one point people were chanting for him to pull it up. Like the article says, the Move shows a lot of promise but from what they have shown they either haven't figured out a great way to implement all these features into a game or they just haven't played all their cards yet. Either way the tech is really really impressive.

I hope Microsoft starts having the same types of meet ups.

TheHater3159d ago

I was one of those people that was chanting for it :) Couldn't get enough of the spray can demo :)

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xaviertooth3159d ago

natal is already a failure by itself who will want to look like a dolphin flailing arms around?

ps3hasonlyflopgames3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Sony next big thing is unsurprisingly also a copy...even the games for it are copies.... and at this point I have a problem with the lack of innovation.

move is it a terribly cheap rip off of Nintendo iconic controller..

sony= is stealing all from Nintendo


mrv3213159d ago

And let me guess Microsoft with an eyetoy add on isn't a copy?

Wrathman3159d ago

quote...a device that would truly turn the gaming world on its head, a device that would succeed where its predecessors have failed, and a device created by the very same company that once took the console crown away from Nintendo.

i wasnt aware that the Wii was a massive failure..but according to this fanboy i guess it droid logic,anything or any article thats pro sony is true and unique.

Wii...most successful failure ever...go figure!

markremo3159d ago

Two Things

Even Nintendo thought that the original design of the controller was a failure. That's why they released Wii Motion Plus.

It doesn't say the Wii is a massive failure, it says "a device that would succeed where its predecessors have failed." Such as the Eyetoy, the original Wii-mote, etc

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Marty83703159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Your misinformed as usual, MOVE has been a Sony concept way before Wiimote. Just look at all the youtube vids for proof.

Wii copy my arse:

Does Wii have a camera, No

Does Wiimote do Augmented Reality, No

Is Wiimote & Nuchuck rechargable, No

Wiimote & Nuchuck are tethered by wires

Is Wiimote 1:1 tracking, No

MOVE Specs:

Camera that allows accurate 1:1 3D tracking, Orb changes colour so it doesn't class with background. Making PS Eye tracking more accurate.

PS Eye & MOVE allows for Augmented Reality

Both MOVE & Sub Controller are usb rechargable

Both MOVE & Sub Controller are wireless

Jump Out, Play B3yond


exclusive_loser3159d ago

also you forgot-

Wii Play = EYEPLAY

Bots response because of their feeble minds
"BU BU BU BU..."


NYC_Gamer3158d ago

sony is smart they did this because they knew with motion controllers on the market like wiimote&move most devs would skip over natal

NMC20073159d ago

It's weird how there is all this Natal trash talk when we have yet to see it in proper action. *shrugs* I guess that's how it is though.

TheHater3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

that NATAL is getting more praise when nothing interesting has come out/shown from it. DON'T give me that MILO smoke and mirror BS.

The 10th Rider3159d ago

...we have yet to see an innovative games for PS move that make it better than the Wii, yet people still say it's better than Wii. I'll reserve my judgment for Move and Natal until I see the games coming out for them.

raztad3159d ago

You fail Rider Socom 4 with the PSMOVE was demoed.

The 10th Rider3158d ago

Yes but that's one game, and many games get good impressions before they come out, and fail when they come out (not to say that socom 4 will fail.) I hope they use PS Move (and project Natal) in revolutionary ways, instead of just (in the case of Move) copying the Wii remote. But my point is, you can't say whether the Wiimote, PS move, or Natal is better before they all come out AND games come out for them.

sikbeta3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

raztad = WINNER

SOCCOM4 = Tactical Third Person Shooter: not for grandpas and unsatisfied wives

Leave natal alone, got nothing to do with PS-Move, just want more info of that thing, Minority-PS-Report FTW!!!

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