Hooray for Star Wars games part 2

Indeed hooray for Star Wars games, most of them anyway, and thank goodness for lightsaber fights, space battles and tauntauns (mostly because they can keep one warm in freezing temperatures). The following games are some pretty good reasons to think twice about negative feelings toward licensed games, especially with the words Star Wars in the title. Also, as a special treat, there will be a short list of bad Star Wars games just to spice things up.

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JustinSaneV22889d ago

Ah, countless days were wasted away (unregrettably) in front of my TV playing Rouge Squadron and Episode 1 Racer on my N64 back in the day.

And nothing was more awesome than being a Dark Trooper in Battlefront.

Masters of Teras Kasi is probably my worst gaming-related memory to date.

Murgatroyd72889d ago

Is it just me or was there no mention of Shadows of the Empire? That's easily the best Star Wars game I've played. Playing that in junior high was freakin' epic.

JustinSaneV22888d ago

This seems to be an ongoing list.

JBaby3432889d ago

Battlefront I & II are my all time favorites. I can't remember how much time I put into those offline and online. I had fun the Lego games and really liked The Force Unleashed despite its glitches. The story was much better than I was anticipating and tied in very nicely. Never played Jedi Academy but I've heard it was great. Can't wait for TFU II and have hopes of one day seeing Battlefront III.

Go Gaming Giant2888d ago

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi, really? That was a horrible game

LukeA2888d ago

A truly terrible game.