Watch some hypocrites attack videogames on British TV

Alan Titchmarsh, an inexplicably popular TV host, recently hosted a videogame segment on his talk show that somehow managed to be worse than anything FOX News has ever done. In what could be described as the character assassination on an entire industry, Titchmarsh invited one pro-game speaker on the show, then invited two more guests who were there to essentially kick the crap out of him with their assumptions, scaremongering, and blatant lies.

Meanwhile, the hypocritical studio audience clapped and cheered while videogames were accused of promoting "racism, sexism and hatred," despite the fact that their presence supports ITV, a station that has shown many violent TV shows and movies. Julie Peasgood -- who makes a living talking about sex on TV -- falsely claimed that there was a proven link between videogames and antisocial behavior. When this "fact" was refuted with an actual study that claimed there was no link, the audience began jeering and scoffing.

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poindat3161d ago

We've got a host who is only known for work on a GARDENING show, an ignorant actress who has actually lended her voice to a horror video game in the past (what a hypocrite) and an old man who writes for THE SUN.

And then there's the audience. Jesus christ.

I think it is not the videogames that influence violence, but these morons that incite us against them with their narrow-minded and foolish views. And the general public--did you know that the majority of western civilization is close-minded, bigoted, and moronic? The majority. It's pathetic--humans are disgusting creatures. Exempting a few people, I despise the general society and everything it stands for. The masses need to be wiped out; its impossible to live under the strangulation of bigoted minds.

This video is a good reason why I am making plans to get the hell out civilization--a very good showing of the stupidity of the masses.

If anything, videogames give an escape from this sh*t that you can't get anywhere else. How is that a bad thing?

poindat3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Yeah they really couldn't have picked anyone LESS qualified to discuss this issue, and a TOTAL hypocrite to boot.

It's pathetic really; you have to give props to the man attempting to have a reasonable discussion with these scum, but it also makes more apparent the ignorance and stupidity of the people involved. The masses will never rise above the close-minded ignorance... they disgust me. Outside of the media, as well, it is nigh impossible to have a reasonable discussion on the effects (or lack thereof) of videogames on behavior. I know a psychology student, somebody who is going to be paid TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND, who wrote an essay on how videogames are horrible and incite violence and destroy the mind, while using shaky (at best) "studies" to "prove" her insufficient point. Disgusting--it's not only the older generations, people, it is also our future leaders, our future influencers who are going down this endless route of narrow-mindedness.

Ignorance is bliss, I guess... And I'm sick of the hypocritical, bigoted masses living in this so-called "bliss"--sick of everyone. The quest for a "moral high ground" is a paradox--leading to nothing but sh*t and twisted values in the hands of those who should be put to rest.

HolyOrangeCows3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

"Call of duty 2: Modern Warfare"
LOL, yep, it's like the real war on nazis we face today!

So movies do NOT glorify violence? -_-

How do they know these gamers didn't go into gaming "aggressive" in the first place? As she said, they're interactive, and the "aggressive" people want some degree of control, such as you get with gaming as opposed to a movie. So where's your magical link of games turning kids "aggressive"?

Bnet3433161d ago

I hate the way they clap for that blond whore. Old people will never get it. I'm glad my parents were never asses about video games. They let me play RE on PS1 when I was a kid and they didn't mind. Why do people bring up interactivity? So what? How many kids have done wrestling moves by watching it on TV? Interactivity is irrelevant if you ask me.

Darkstorn3161d ago

If you're so incensed with the ignorance of the masses, you should really consider becoming a hermit...

Don't call her a whore. I don't think she'd get any even if she paid people for sex.
Seriously, though...

ryano232773161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Hitler played?
Boston Strangler?

There are 2 things in this world that are the root of more problems than video games.
Alcohol & Money

Lich1203161d ago

In a way Im just glad they actually got some who was pro-games who was also very articulate and informed. I couldn't agree anymore with his stance than I do. Rock on Tim, rock on.

hetz153161d ago

and it's all messed up. I made 2 papers about video game relationship with violence this year, and from my research I found nothing that can tie violence with vg together. I grabbed some data from FBI stats about rising crimes,and guess what; the major influences of violence,especially youth, are mostly from broken family,bad neighborhood, and psychological problem from the youth itself. also,i found a graph which show about the release date of "known" violence games and youth violence number throughout the decade, guess what again; the number contradicts between 2 of them. i still hv a lot of prove(all in my paper :),but the point is these kind of people never touch vg or play like 5 or 10 mins and already they jump to their f*ckin conclusion. they only listen the bad side of gaming,although stats prove that violence games represents games as a whole only about 10%-11%. really,these kind of people are the real problem who corrupts others' minds and need to be excommunicated XD

Fanb0y3161d ago

Courtesy of user Maxxthepenguin at Destructoid:

If I kill that woman, will I level up?

topdawg1223161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Wow, the ignorance of these people, they totally jumped on him!
Video games aren't the problem, it's called bad parenting, simple as that. Parents don't want to be parents so they sit their kids in front of the t.v. and put a controller in their hand no matter what the game is.
@ hetz15, I completely agree, summed it up well

imec3161d ago

"And the general public--did you know that the majority of western civilization is close-minded, bigoted, and moronic? The majority. It's pathetic--humans are disgusting creatures. Exempting a few people, I despise the general society and everything it stands for. The masses need to be wiped out; its impossible to live under the strangulation of bigoted minds."

You know what they say, egocentricity x elitism = prosperity.

-GametimeUK-3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

But damn, I guess you guys can clearly see that there are bigger idiots in the UK than me :D
Seriously, I cant believe this vid.

I find it funny how she goes on about how games make people more agressive etc... She is MUCH more agressive in this vid than the gamer. The gamer is just chill mode, polite and professional. That pycho b*tch just rants

silvacrest3161d ago

i thought we all, as a society came to the conclusion that "proven statistics" are bullsh!t since the source can never be proven

why not get people for and against who are actually educated in the subject instead of three old people set in their ways, ignorant about the steps taken to prevent young children from playing violent games

i kept hearing, "games are interactive", so what? simply put im controlling a life like model or cartoon, in a movie im watch a guy blow of another guys head, interactive or not that is more realistic to me

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George Sears3161d ago

Baby boomers should stick with playing with sticks.

Walrus3161d ago

+ Bubz for the lulz.
It's not like their aren't anti-war games, either. Metal Gear Solid comes to mind...

LordMarius3161d ago

While I was watching this all I kept imagining was Kratos coming in with his Cestus beating the bloody hell out of that dumb blond and old geezer

ViciousBoston3161d ago

LOL DUDE that imagery is amazing.

JustinSaneV23161d ago

If only someone with epic video editing skills can happen by this comment lol

Nike3161d ago

"If only someone with epic video editing skills can happen by this comment lol"

In the words of Barney Stinson:

Challenge accepted. :)

dktxx23161d ago

Never argue with conservatives. It's pointless. You may as well try to cut out your testicles with a toothpick. It's just as productive.

Gish3161d ago

FYI both sides seem to take a dump on the gaming industry. Liberals and conservative politicians both have felt the need to trash games. It is the anti gaming crowd we need to be pissed at, don't limit it to a political label.

Darkstorn3161d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to label these misinformed people 'conservatives,' but they certainly don't take kindly to popular culture.

There are offenders on both sides, but the vast majority of them are, I agree, evangelical Christian conservatives who home school their children and forcefully prevent them from appreciating secular entertainment mediums.
It must be sad to be relegated to reruns of Veggie Tales every Saturday morning...

Darkstorn3161d ago

If you are referring to U.S. politics, you can't really use the example of 'liberals.' There are no true liberals in Congress. Not one. Even Dennis Kucinich is best described as a center-left politician.

In addition, I keep hearing people call President Obama left-of-center. By European standards, the guy's at least center-right. At LEAST.

HolyOrangeCows3161d ago


You guys ever hear of a woman named Hilary Clinton?

Lich1203161d ago


Very true, it is funny how conservative America is as a whole compared to Europe, even our liberals.

Darkstorn3161d ago

If you think Hillary Clinton is a liberal, you're sorely mistaken. She is a deficit hawk, a blind supporter or Israel, and the only thing she could do better than Obama is perhaps have taken a stronger stance on supporting health care reform.

Just compare her intended campaign policies to those of President Sarkozy of France. They're almost indecipherable.

BannedForNineYears3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

FYI guys, I was raised a home schooled Christian. I play GTA 4, MW 2, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and pretty much every game that appeals to me.
Am I a murderer? No.
Am I a "Redneck homophobe liberal bashing game hating conservative"? No...
I hate freaking stereotypes.
And I also think your opinions about video games 100% don't count unless you have played video games.

Walrus3161d ago

@4.2 Did you watch the video? Leave it to parents to decide how to raise their kids. No way in hell I'm going to let mine play anything above an E rating until they're at least 10 (within reason).
Other than that it will Be veggie tales reruns.

imec3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

That would actually be pretty effective in your case dktxx2 (both from a genetic perspective and because a tooth pick would probably be an effective tool for you specifically).

And let us forget dissent; we already know that all "conservatives" (vague blanket term) are unreasonable and bigoted, so open-minded and progressive "liberals" (vague blanket term) shouldn't even waste their time debating with them.

Darkstorn3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I realize it's politically correct to say that both liberalism and conservatism are viable approaches to tackling the world's problems, but I just don't think it's so. I find that conservatives suspend reason far too often; it seems like every scandalous political talking point these days (from healthcare to global warming to marijuana regulation) is based around some inflammatory (and easily disproved) statement from various 'conservatives.'

Republicans shouldn't even talk about fiscal responsibility. Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43 collectively quintupled the national debt, while Bill Clinton came out of office with a budget surplus. This hypocriticism absolutely has to stop, and people need to realize that a movement founded on irrationality, that is contrary to the interdependence of human nature, should not be as readily represented as it is now.

So yes, I DON'T think we liberals should endlessly debate unreasonable conservatives when they keep introducing exponentially more foolish arguments in a mad scramble to repopularize themselves. It just doesn't get anything done.

/rant over

Gish3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

So NOW (national organization of women) and Code Pink (anti-war) are "conservative" in your mind as well? To think that anti game is a "conservative" mindset is foolish. NOW thinks games promote violence against women, Code Pink thinks it promotes war. I really don't care to see more liberal minded people than those. The whole point is that liberals are just as guilty of crucifying games as conservatives, whether your a bible thumping southern baptist, or a dope smoking hippy anti-everything. That seems to be one thing they both agree on. That games are evil. Be proud of being liberal, I don't care, but protecting the enemy of gamers does us no good.

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VINNIEPAZ3161d ago

I put people like this in the same section as fanboys..............IDIOTS

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