Bored with Nintendo? Try Wii Bowling Drinking Game

A lot of people are beginning to find themselves using the Nintendo Wii for other important purposes; like, using it as a paperweight or making sure it collects months of dust. "Blasted, Shawn, how dare you speak such filth. I still play the Wii Sports to this day, I shake my fist at you!" If you always had people to play it with, then sure, it IS great. The fun can only go so far until someone in the group says after a few bowling frames, "I'm bored." Tired of those pesky party poopers? Waiting for Nintendo to reinvent sports (...again)? Well, look no further

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haqshot3158d ago

I haven't played my Wii sober in years. No sarcasm.

Seriously, play New Super Mario Bros / Super Smash Bros / Mario Strikers drunk with your friends. Good times.

pangitkqb3158d ago

I've never gotten hammered while gaming on my Wii, but I'm excited to try it. I can see the guys getting together for a drunken bowling match this weekend.

execution173158d ago

how the wii is a family type system, yet its more fun playing it while your drunk

OtherWhiteMeat3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

You may want to try this at a friends house.I don't need any drunken people breaking my t.v.. This might even make it a little more fun.

bigjclassic3157d ago

WiiSports, WiiPlay, WiiSports Resort and We Love Golf are fun when buddies come over. We all get smashed and have at it.