Gamereactor International: Resonance of Fate Review

Sophie Warnie de Humelghem writes:

"It's something of a double standard to complain about something I have requested for a long time - change. I'm one hundred percent in favour of change, but the changes need to feel natural and easier to grasp. Laying a puzzle in order to progress on the map isn't an innovation the genre needed, and the fighting system is a bit too much at first. Tri-Ace have done a mammoth job with Resonance of Fate and I hope they continue down the same path, although hopefully their next game is somewhat more accessible."

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Def Warrant3190d ago

Ouch. square is getting hammered left and right with low reviews this gen. Rightfully so cause they are the scum of the earth.

Ninji3190d ago

But what does a garbage company like S-E have to do with this game? This game is by Tri-Ace & Published by Sega.

knifefight3189d ago

1) Square has nothing to do with this game.
2) Also, it's fantastic.

Lightel0s3189d ago

bad review from bad site. don´t pay attention this game is pretty good