Bungie on Halo Evolution and Going Out with a Bang

Halo: Reach is likely to be the last Bungie Halo made. The studio wants to make the "definitive entry" in the franchise before it moves on to new IP. IndustryGamers sat down with Bungie's Brian Jarrard.

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3036d ago Replies(1)
GiantEnemyCrab3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

LOL! The second 360 article I clicked in a row where the first 5+ comments are deleted..

OnTopic: I hope Bungie deliver because they have a lot to live up to. If they truly want to go out with a bang they need to deliver cutting edge tech/graphics with the game play and story to match. It's a tall order but I believe Bungie can do it.

Blaze9293036d ago

kinda wish they wouldve went out with a bang using a new engine instead of a gutted one.

Ah well, can't freakin' wait for Reach.

GiantEnemyCrab3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

It is there engine so gutting it makes sense. There netcode is still the best in the business and there are a lot of other parts of the framework they can keep(lighting). I am sure Bungie see the other benchmarks in the industry and have an idea of what people are expecting and I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure whatever they make will be good it's the "bang" part I wonder about.

@below: Jetpacks? So what? What is wrong with that? I'm still waiting to see some final builds of the game before I start downing the graphics. You've already made your mind up.. I know Bungie over promised and under delivered with ODST but I think they are really going all out this time.

Stick Halo on dedicated servers and tell Bungie they need 256 players you damn right they could get it going... How many MP patches did Halo 3 need? None. How many has MAG received? Not to mention it was broken the day it came online.. Quality not Quantity.

Mo0eY3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I'm sure that cutting edge gameplay will have to do with the jetpacks you will be using. And I don't even want to get started on those cutting edge graphics.

Edit: Best netcode? Are you serious? Slap 256 players in a Halo 3 match, and I'd love to see what happens besides a lot of teabagging.

Fanb0y3036d ago


There's a reason the Halo series don't use dedicated servers: the CR*PLOAD of people playing the games! MAG numbers can be dealt with, but not these.
Halo probably has the best p2p netcode I've been on a shooter anyways. COD's is cruddy.

smittyjerkins3036d ago

Pshh, Bungie said they were going to go out with a bang with Halo 3. Two games later and supposedly they are going out with a bang AGAIN?

What will Bungie say next?

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pixelsword3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I'm waiting on how it will "link" to any possible endeavors in the future.

They could have left the traditional Halo story open-ended by having Chief die to close out that branch of the Halo universe. Next in ODST, they could have had someone find a transmission or find files regarding a launch left by someone in Reach, in which someone or a legion of Spartans in Reach escaped to a military base to regroup.

But to me, now if someone escapes from Reach, It seems like Chief will run into them: leaving the story open-ended in that way. The only thing I see is that if so, Cortana would be invaluable in terms of her knowledge, and both could inform them of shifts in loyalty in terms of the Elites and the status of the war.

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Ninji3036d ago

More like Halo devolution & them going out with a flop.

ruiner44823036d ago

And I quote "and the desire to make each game we release better than our last game"

Did this guy remember putting out ODST???

TOO PAWNED3035d ago

Bungie is probably one of most overrated developers out there. Halo 3 was overrated, Halo oDST was BAD, and now they are working on Reach and once again come with BS quote "Going out with a bang".
I honestly think 360 hardware is limiting them, come over to Sony MAKE.BELIEVE!

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