Hudson Entertainment and Konami Announce Fishing Master for the Wii

Time to reel in the good times with Fishing Master for the Nintendo Wii. Konami says it will utilize both the Wii Nunchuk and Wii Remote to bait, cast, and hook a variety of fish. There will be multiplayer modes where you battle your friends for the most fish.

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Yuprules3819d ago

Hopefully more fun that Wii Play fishing :)

PS360WII3819d ago

Yea and hopefully way better than that Rapala Fishing >< ugh that was a bad one

Yuprules3819d ago

I hope it comes with a plastic cover to turn it into a fishing rod (ow my eye!)

ITR3819d ago

Rapla Fishing sucks on every console.

The only thing that worked was the boat navigation.

ALI G3819d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

for how much this will go ?and how much more fun it will offer than Wii play since Wii play includ fishing game plus many other games that you get it for an extra £5 in top of the controller price = total £34 less than the price of standard Wii game
i said it many times before if you want to correct my spllinhg123 than, gooooooooo problemooo

Kaneda3819d ago

Check it out! Next-Gen graphic..:)

Kokoro3819d ago

Fishing Master??? looks a little to easy if you ask me. Whatever floats their boats.

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