Robot Touchscreen Analysis

Moto Labs writes:

"A touchscreen is a touchscreen, right? Hardly! As MOTO pointed out in our recent Do-It-Yourself Touchscreen Analysis post, "All touchscreens are not created equal."

With our simple test technique - which basically consists of using a basic drawing application and a finger to slowly trace straight lines on the screen of each device - it's easy to see the difference in touchscreen resolution from one phone to the next. Results with straight lines indicate a high degree of sensor accuracy; less-precise sensors show the lines with wavy patterns, stair-steps, or both.

After we published our first comparison of four touchscreen smartphones, a few critics found fault with our DIY testing technique. Many of of these comments centered around the idea that our human-finger methodology is prone to inconsistency, due to variables in finger pressure, line-straightness, or tracing speed."

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