See Dead Space 2 for the First Time Live

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Dead Space PAX East Panel, "Creating a World of Horror in Games," live over the interwebs at 1pm EST this Saturday, March 27th. "

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Blaze9293187d ago

sweet can't wait to see

tokoshix3187d ago

Yea I'm looking forward to seeing how the sequel will turn out.

ProA0073186d ago

most definitely. Hopefully nothing like that crap known as Dante's Inferno

JasonXE3186d ago

wow forgot that they were behind DI.

AridSpider3186d ago

Dante's Inferno wasn't THAT bad...

Blaze9293186d ago

I enjoyed Dante's. But Dead Space was amazing so the second should be as amazing and better...SHOULD

ShadowRyuX3186d ago

For the Akimbo perk footage! I'd love to see Isaac blazing through necromorphs with TWO plasma cutters at ONCE. And I really hope they fix the care package glitch because that stuff is annoying.

Seriously though, they better not ruin on of my favorite new IPs!

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zack613187d ago

I'm putting this on my calender so I don't forget. LOL

JasonXE3186d ago

did the exact thing lol

AridSpider3186d ago

good idea because I'll likely forget due to the fact that it's on a saturday

Sk8boyP3186d ago


JasonXE3186d ago

ehhh...21st playthrough? I heard of loving a game but damn 21 times dude?

AridSpider3186d ago

dude's a fan...what more can you say

Blaze9293186d ago

did 2 myself and that was it lol. 21 though, damn man


Dead space is the only campaign I have finished more then 3 times this gen. most games I sort of play once and thats it. There have only been a handful that I felt compelled to go back to after finishing once.

it's still my favorite IP this gen. it's over taken a lot of my old favorites that I was expecting a lot more from.

I simply home they don't noobify it and just keep the story and theme going.

The Maxx3186d ago

LOL I played through Dead Space atleast 7 times. I paid for ALL the downloadable content. The Tank suit is awesome. I had EVERYTHING maxed out. I only have 1 achievement left to unlock and thats the "SECRET" achievement. Which is hard to do when playing on the most difficult setting.

I have the Blu-ray movie as well as all the short comic's on my 360 still. One of the best games this gen by far. Love the story and the gameplay was superb.

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ProA0073186d ago

this will be very interesting

JasonXE3186d ago

yeah hopefully they pick some good questions to answer

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