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Warhawk: PS Blog Interview & New Screenshots

4. What did you do on this game that you couldn't do on another platform?

It's hard to answer this and not sound like a gratuitous SONY sales pitch

Although I would say it's the sum-total of all of our natural phenomenon in the game. Our clouds, procedural water, atmospheric scattering, terrain, etc. All of this stuff runs in parallel on all 7 SPUs simultaneously every frame – I'm still not sure if the game community is giving enough credit to just how fast the SPUs really are.

7. What game do you most want an hour to sit in front of yourself (besides your own)?

Hmmm, probably Starcraft 2 - I'm a Protoss Zealot IRL! Most people don't know that about me. I have a Pylon in my office.

One of the other games that I am dying to play isn't announced yet – The PR folks will shank me if I say anything about it. (PS3, Warhawk)

Violater  +   2922d ago
I like this part
7. What game do you most want an hour to sit in front of yourself (besides your own)?
Hmmm, probably Starcraft 2 — I’m a Protoss Zealot IRL! Most people don’t know that about me. I have a Pylon in my office. One of the other games that I am dying to play isn’t announced yet – The PR folks will shank me if I say anything about it.

Like has been said before, games are there we haven't even heard of.

BTW those screens look fookin amazing not to mention the clouds.

@1.1 Either first or second party Exclusive
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Vojkan  +   2922d ago
Do you think that it is Sony first party game? It is most likely wright?
Whoooop  +   2922d ago
forth screen looks amazing. nice find f*ker :)
Snake_Doctor  +   2922d ago
the pics
are looking pretty sharp.
Omegasyde  +   2922d ago
The character models are rendered nicely as well. You can see the stiched weaving on some of the uniforms if you look close enough.###

Despite the Cartoonish figures, this game will be the multiplayer game of the year.

Halo 3 killer? Nope, multiplayer wise maybe. Not really fair since one has single player and multiplayer.
Apples and Oranges...so far, Killzone2, Haze, and Unreal Tournament are gunning for Halo 3.
Kaneda  +   2922d ago
man, PS3 should stop using CGI-Rendering...They know they're not as powerful as 360...

hazeblaze  +   2922d ago
The hell are you talking about?! The game actually looks that good, I was in the beta. Plus, we've already seen gameplay vids showing us other games that look better than anything else out as well. Stop hating.
TheExecutive  +   2922d ago
mmmm.... warhawk goodness. I highly doubt anything on any console will match the online of warhawk. Although Halo will definitely give it a run for its money.
Azures  +   2922d ago
lol halo needs all that air combat depth and ease to even compete. never played a game where the ground to air and vice versa was so enjoyable.
drtysouf21  +   2922d ago
Was part of the beta
this is a great game and a definite pick up on day one of release!
VaeVictus  +   2922d ago
I look forward to Warhawk more than any other title.

I do agree with this developer, Jade Raymond = the hawtness.
MK_Red  +   2922d ago
A great developer has great taste. Jade Reymond... She's HOT! Good interview.
brianodom  +   2922d ago
this is plain and simple one of the best multiplayers out there, i was a beta tester and i will tell you...the game is addictive !!!

a sure fire winner and the graphics are looking outstanding
crippler666  +   2922d ago
This will shift consoles, it is the perfect mixture of land and air combat. I know it has been done before, but not with this much manouverability and scale of levels. It is kind of a pity that there is no single player missions, because shops will not be able to demo this game.

The only problem with this game is the "One More Go" syndrome. I am getting this release day with the headset.
nasim  +   2922d ago
AWESOME-----WARHAWK is the cartoonistic HALO 3 killer
not to mention WARHAWK would be a huge sytem seller


this easily kills poor x360's best games.

LAIR ,HS and UNCHARTED would kill total competition com e3,2007
JIN KAZAMA  +   2922d ago
THis game look
amazing. I am definately picking this up on release. Look for me online
PSN = Kal-EL1217
nasim  +   2922d ago
nice joke KANEDA
ps3 is not just powerful . It is 3x as powerful as x360 and the CELL is 10x as powerful as any processor available in the market.

NARIKO is hot.
in HS ..thx to awesome processing power of CELL......she looks 100% humanlike
Xeikon  +   2696d ago
Nariko looks like Jackie Stallone with Necrotizing fasciitis.
DevilishSix  +   2922d ago
The game the PR department would shank them over is........
Well we all know David Jaffe has a new office opening up (in Utah I believe) and it has been said he is or will be working with Incoginto again like he did when doing Twisted Metal Black. My guess is David Jaffe and his group will be making a new Twisted Metal or a sequel to Twisted Metal Black exclusively for PS3 and I bet its announced at E3 next week.
ALIEN  +   2922d ago
Im getting it on the release day, this game will be fun and will be the best game online, Not saying it will kill HALO 3, but it will be one of the best games online.
bilal  +   2922d ago
"I think the press should call shenanigans on any dev who drops a line like this in an interview. “So what we’re trying to do here with Super-Ultra-Tea-Party-Turbo EX-HD is take the first-person, turn-based, MMORPG, Tea and Biscuits simulation genre to the next level!!"

That made me laugh!
nextgengaming18  +   2922d ago
Don't like the artstyle in this game
For some reason I don't dig the artstyle for this game. Probably won't buy it. Is anyone in the beta? If so can you tell me if it is similar to battlefield 2? Thanks.
Azures  +   2922d ago
Its really what this guy called it, the love child of battlefield and unreal tournament
hazeblaze  +   2922d ago
It's like Battlefield on steroids... much more fun. I think you're definitely missing out if you don't purchase the game... but I for one liked the graphics and art style too though. It doesn't have the graphical power of Uncharted or Lair, but it really is a gorgeous game in HD. To the point that a lot of my friends were commenting on how good the game looked.
Kleptic  +   2922d ago
yeah I kind of like the goofy animations also...and there are so many different skins you can unlock for your character, there is something for everyone...

The beta did look great though...There probably won't be a whole lot adjusted for final shipment, aside from some pretty obvious clipping issues...but the game does look fantastic, let alone being an online code...

The best online gaming I have ever played on a console still...R6 V, which is also a lot of fun, doesn't come close to how chaotic stuff is with Warhawk though...I guess that is not really a fair comparison..UTIII with all its vehicles...and Halo 3 (only because it has vehicles also) will be better comparisons...but this is the only game where the main focus of the gameplay is the vehicles...rather than an FPS with the option to drive stuff...
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Figboy  +   2922d ago
i don't want to think about Warhawk anymore.

now that the Beta has ended, there's a hollow place in my heart that has to wait until August to be filled.

damn you, Warhawk Beta!! why'd you have to be so fun???

CrazzyMan  +   2922d ago
2nd screen has pretty nice ground. =]
Sweet! =)
Nextgen is coming. ;)
ReconHope  +   2922d ago
the detail they put in the enviroments is impressive.
~Bubbles Appreciated~

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