Game Room Finally Arrives - First Look - Xbox Evolved

Xbox Evolved writes:

"I know we all have been waiting anxiously for the BIG arrival of Game Room as part of the Block Party. Some insanely awesome games were released this month, and to top it off we now have even more reasons to love the Xbox 360 – the GAME ROOM. "

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AridSpider2917d ago

Pretty innovative idea from Microsoft...too bad I won't be using it.

Blaze9292917d ago

booted it up earlier but I thought it was pretty dumb. Not sure what exactly MS's aim is behind Game Room but it's not aiming for me.

JasonXE2917d ago

Just a retro thing for people to feel like they're back in Arcade shops...way back

ProA0072917d ago

I tried it out earlier, pretty neat what you can do with the challenges and stuff. Not too bad

tokoshix2917d ago

I kind of enjoyed that feeling of being in an arcade. Hopefully we'll see some interesting releases soon though, not too interested in what's available at the moment.

Rockox2917d ago

Tried out the demo (or whatever you'd call it). Kinda neat for a curiosity, but I doubt I'll be spending any more time with it.

-Alpha2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"Innovative" gets tossed around so much around every new thing that comes up and I certainly don't think GameRoom is innovative at all. Charging for simplistic games, literally nickel and diming, and paying for owned games is all silly IMO. I don't understand the point-- is it to simulate an actual arcade experience? Offer games anyone can access on the net with better graphics with an "arcadey" vibe? I can do that in Home, for free, and I'm not a big fan of Home, and I'm not trying to start a war, but in all honesty, I do not see the point of GameRoom charging for this.

Perhaps Natal games will offer something unique or innovative but right now I see this as nothing more than a glorified arcade collection of games I can play on my PC. At least they don't have you running around like in Home, the experience seems straight forward but a complete waste of Microsoft Points.

darthv722917d ago

I like the idea of this however I need to know if it will just be old school (like atari) arcade games or if there will be more modern ones. Probably as time goes by but I know sega has a slew of great arcade hits that would rock this service. Just to name a few:
after burner
space harrier
galaxy force
power drift
golden axe
thunder blade
virtua racing
virtua fighter

Same goes for capcom. Please this service with UN squadron, final fight, knights of the round, carrier airwing, mercs,

Lots of arcade games to line up a quarter at the top of the virtual cabinet.

garos822917d ago

DONT go to open zone. their is a douche there with a potential alan wake spoiler. its in his username so stear clear

on topic, i love the idea of a game room. especially if the games library would be as impressive as mame32 emulators! however the price of these could be slightly off putting

2917d ago
FACTUAL evidence2917d ago

This is XBL's version of PS HOME? O, I bet this is a WONDERFUL idea since it's from MS.

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Blaze9292917d ago

At least they kicked it off with two free download packs

JasonXE2917d ago

really? hmm, didn't know that. Might actually check this out now. Download packs free to download the games and play them or just download then pay to play them like with quarters aka microsoft points?

Blaze9292917d ago

dunno..I had quit before then >_<

Rockox2917d ago

I don't know what the free packs exactly do, but they're definitely NOT free games.

Cheeseknight282917d ago

None of the games are free. You are downloading the content, not the games themselves. They are $3.

2917d ago
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ProA0072917d ago

I wonder what they're game plan for this is with adding games.

Blaze9292917d ago

if it's like their weekly plan for updating Marketplace then...weekly

Captain Tuttle2917d ago

It was kind of cool to play Adventure from the 2600. Not sure I'll be doing it again though...nostalgia can be a b1tch.

Rockox2917d ago

Adventure and Yar's Revenge were the only games I was really interested in revisiting, and they're both...not as good as I remembered.

thebudgetgamer2917d ago

it holds up pretty well, i hope to see that game soon.

pixelsword2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I just hope they expand the library to include a bunch of games.

I got four arcade games in my apartment on playstation home myself, and Namco has an arcade that is kinda like what Microsoft has,

except that the Microsoft version looks more "Arcadey", to butcher a word; plus, it looks like Microsoft will have a wide variety of games, which is a good thing.

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