Army of Two's Weapons of Choice

An exclusive look at Army of Two's deep weapon customization.

One of the coolest aspects of Army of Two is the sheer amount of guns in the game (over 30 at the moment) and the fact that you can completely customize them to a level you've never been able to in other games before. As you play, you earn cash to buy new weapon parts and other sorts of customizations in a very RPG-like fashion. "It's definitely a big, big part of the game now," senior producer Reid Schneider tells 1up. "As we got down the road we were like, 'Wow, this is a huge feature' -- it's a ton of work -- but I think people will be totally stoked about it."

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nobizlikesnowbiz4003d ago

Whoa I had no idea about this.

This game has moved up a lot on my list.

Excalibur4003d ago

I'm so getting the game on release day.

MK_Red4003d ago

I believe 1UP has some sort of exclusive with 1UP network since each day we see more coverage and exclusive preview from them and each time, Army Of Two looks hotter. Hope they show a good trailer before E3.

Premonition4003d ago

Cant wait to see some videos on this weapon customization feature :)

Double-Edged4003d ago

to buy my second 360 controller.
This game looks like it's gonna be the CO-OP game of the year.

A good multiplatform game.


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