Is Vanquish mad to abandon multi-player?

CVG writes: "Vanquish is an exciting prospect - a stylish reboot of console shooters. The influences are clear; the style and depth of control of Platinum's own Bayonetta, the reliable cover mechanics of Gears Of War, the technical mastery of Uncharted 2, and a man in a suit who looks like the love child of Master Chief and a white Gundam suit."

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Rikitatsu3191d ago

a lot of Multiplayer modes in today's games feels forced and tacked on, and I prefer a tighter single player... as long as its lengthy and got a high replay value.

MrMacabre3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I agree, too many games are letting multiplayer detract from the single player. Obviuosly there are some that get both right, Uncharted 2 being one, but I would personally prefer a deep single player experience over multiplayer if I had to choose.

GR8 13191d ago

Yes they are MAD. But unless your one of those few brain dead droids who don't mind a 7 to 8hrs game without mult-player then gladly buy this game because i for one won't be spending hard earned $$$ on a game without Multi-Player.

Kalowest3191d ago

No, as long as the SP is good.

Ninji3191d ago

It's by Platinum Games so it's going to flop regardless just like Bayonetta.

Def Warrant3191d ago

lol if they don't add multiplayer, there goes half their 360 sales. These people need to justify their xlive fees with multiplayer in every game or they don't buy it. The fact that it's a shooter still won't save it.


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