Microsoft Banning Xbox 360s for Life?

A leading technology site is running a story that there is a possibility that MS are banning Xbox 360's for life. They received an e-mail from a banned user who summarised that MS state they have the ability to revoke Xbox Live priveleges with no rescourse via identifying offending consoles and banning them.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4033d ago

I thought this was normal.

I was under the impression that all banned consoles were banned for life?

Macdory4033d ago

Me too - but it seems like a bad move when you consider what will happen when a 360 gets banned ...

Odds on that the person will just put it on ebay and then it becomes someone elses problem ... basically, this move screws up the second hand market as how can anyone trust what they are buying will not be banned?

caffman4033d ago

but a friend did this.
Brought new xbox 360 from wh smiths. Swapped modded 360 for new 360, took back modded 360 and got his cash back.

DrRage774033d ago


i hope microsoft bans all the modded consoles. the best would be if they banned all gamertags that were associated with the banned 360's and took away their gamerscores, since most modders cheat in order to get their gamerscores high without actually earning them

Odion4033d ago


QQ don't mod your 360 and you won't get banned!

PS360WII4033d ago

Ummm wow. I get the whole banning offense Live users but then to go ahead and give out a banned 360 as a refurbished one?!?

That's something one would need to think about fixing or at least if it is a banned box just throw it away or something

DrRage774033d ago

if this turns out to be true, i think that is is common sense that microsoft is going to start checking broken 360's that get sent in for repairs to make sure they are not modded. plus, if someone gets a modded 360 back after sending in their regular one for repairs, they have proof of the repair.

plus, i HIGHLY doubt that microsoft is going to start handing out modded 360's as refurb's...if their banning policy gets stricter, then you can count on microsoft to check all consoles coming and and going out for repairs. they are not going to ban people when there is zero reason for it. everyone may think microsoft is some evil corporation, but they are not about to alienate loyal customers that NEVER modded their 360's.

if they ban all people that have modded 360's, then i say good riddance to the losers....

Fan Tastic4033d ago

to get a refurb back from them.

STICKzophrenic4033d ago

Yep. A buddy of mine sent his console in for repair and got it back with the same issue. He had to send it in again.

A friend of his gave him a RROD console, so he fixed it and then modded it to play burned games. I can't say that I don't blame him either.

STICKzophrenic4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Double post.


chasegamez4033d ago

lol o well 360's were going 2 burn out anyway

OrangutanNipple4033d ago

I'm getting my Xbox 360 back to me on Monday (repaired by Microsoft), and if it's a refurb and this happens I'll be pissed.

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