DS developers sing the 3DS's praises: 'I think it will be the best handheld system to date'

Arkedo, Renegade Kid, Creat, and Engine all excited

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Alcon Caper3191d ago

Awesome. Looking forward to a little 3D Phoenix Wright. lol, I dunno why, Ijust love phoenix wright

qface643191d ago

at first hearing bout the 3ds got me a little mad because they are about to release ANOTHER handheld and i need one my ds is dying on me

but after hearing all this 3DS stuff im getting excited ill hold off on getting a new DS and wait for this baby
can't wait for E3

EpsilonTeam3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

But when will it be available for USA/Europe? a year from now? can't wait that long!

MNicholas3191d ago

This kind of perspective based 3D simulation is not new technology. There are even demos for something similar (using internal motion sensors) on the iPhone. However, it's the first practical application in a consumer device.

Bravo Nintendo.

Forget those horrible, visual artifact inducing "3D" TVs with their ridiculous glasses. The Nintendo 3Ds represents the real 3D revolution.

SpoonyRedMage3191d ago

Ooo, Pop Island 3D? Dementium 3D with GCN level graphics?

Yes please.

RockmanII73191d ago

I didn't even KNOW there was a 3D DS being made until 5 minutes ago on Youtube. I come here and the top story is fanboy sh1t and I barely stumbled upon this. All the news is hidden. Seriously, I don't like IGN or Gamestop but if anyone knows any other good websites please send me a PM. I'm done with this flame site.

RecSpec3191d ago

I have 4 gaming site RSS feeds on my toolbar.
That way you have a lot of sources.

With one click you can see at least 10 headlines.
I never actually go to a site unless a headline interests me.

Saves quite a bit of time.

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The story is too old to be commented.