Nintendo Sue Counterfeiter for 2.5 Million Dollars

A Uruguayan Civil Court Judge recently ordered a major counterfeiter of Nintendo video game products to pay Nintendo 2.5 million U.S. dollars in damages and legal expenses. The Court determined that the offender and three of his related corporations, were responsible for the sale and distribution of tens of thousands of counterfeit Nintendo products.

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PS360WII3977d ago

Well how about that.

Don't steal!

nobizlikesnowbiz3977d ago

That pic seriously got me weak as hell.

TriggerHappy3977d ago

This is a warning to a pirates, glad to see ninty doing it.

bootsielon3977d ago

...I don't think that's morally wrong. Unfair? Maybe. 2.5 Millions are pennies in the eyes of Nintendo. So the guy that stole that money was indeed unfair, but I don't think he left anybody homeless or in big trouble.

I just hate it when corporations fight over pennies, no matter how wrong stealing is.

unsunghero283977d ago

2.5 Million is A LOT of money. Nintendo is the smallest of the three console makers, and the N64-Gamecube era was a disastrous one- do you really think they care so little about THAT kind of money?

I don't know what your stance is on Nintendo, but criticizing them for not being OK with losing enormous sums of money is ridiculous. Piracy is despicable, and if you think otherwise then you're just adding to the problem.

Kastor_Troii3975d ago

The Big "N" comes down hard on thieves....