Move and Natal Are/Aren't the Future - Nick's Gaming View Episode #7

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #7, Nick covers this week's latest news including the announcement of the PlayStation Move and events including the release of God of War III. Nick also provides his impressions on God of War III and talks about the future of motion controlled gaming. Lastly, he discusses what really grinds his gears."

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Nick2120043159d ago

Do you guys think that motion controlled gaming will become a successful trend for the gaming industry for years to come? Which motion controlled device (natal or move) do you feel will be more successful?

Beast_Master3159d ago

I am gonna go with move and Kevin Butler explained why. I think MS will generate more hype and sell more initially bc of their great marketing skills. But I think Sony's device is better suited to more variety of games, and people will be blind to it at first then they will start getting pwned online by people who bought move. At GDC they said the control is easy to patch in games so COD will probably support it and of coarse all 1st parties will as well.

Also If you don't think motion controls are not the future of gaming then you are sleeping.. Wii and DS are not number one because of great graphics. it is a me too industry, last gen everyone was coping sony's conroller now this gen everyone is coping nintendo.

If you are not into motion control then don't worry there are alot of kids who are and there are alot of people that would love it if Move doesn't sell that well because then everyone who does buy it will be on top the leader boards of every Multiplayer game that is released.. the Move is as close to mouse and keyboard as consoles are going to get, and if it is one to one it will be faster. So please don't buy it, and get pawned like a noob everytime you go online.

ChozenWoan3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Just from watching the Soccom4 demo, I can tell that the PSMove will give gamers an edge vs DS3 gamers.

Also, PSMove will be in high demand with the entire 3D graphics community. Having the ability to actually reach into the game engine and place/translate/scale/rotate objects in realtime with 1:1 precision will be epic. This will greatly speed up modeling, texturing, level building, and GUI design; thus helping reduce the costs of creating a AAA game...
... something even BK of Activision will enjoy greatly.

N4g_null3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Chozen we already have those tools. Try these guys and wacom's pen lcd hybrid I will not work with out these two tools.will we see them in games maybe not but the gyros are too jittery for high end cgi or HD content.

sikbeta3158d ago

I can see a Great Success for Sony if they Show the PS-Move as Part of a "Whole Package", the PS3, an HD Gaming System + Blu-ray + 3D + PS-Move, all in ONE in the Console that Only Does Everything...

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Jonas Brothers3159d ago

i'm not really a big fan of the whole motion control business. To me nothing beats the precision of a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad

Nick2120043159d ago

I could not agree with you anymore. I actually addressed that exact statement in my show.

ChickeyCantor3159d ago

" precision of a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad"

Precise on what exactly?
I mean lets take a FPS game, if we were to use the Wii-mote and you shoot passed your enemy, is it because the controller is inaccurate? Or it just shoots where you were aiming at?

Think about it.

Mouse and such have the relief of not having to deal with the jitter which is caused by the body.

It just depends from what perspective you look at it.

morganfell3158d ago

Move was easily used to make headshots on enemy troops at over 200 meters in SOCOM 4. Rapid target acquisition. That's accuracy.

Havocmak3r3159d ago

It already is a popular trend, look at the success of the wii, and now look at what sony and microsoft is doing to enter that successful market.

Natsu X FairyTail3159d ago

they'Re the future since they havent been released yet.


Nick2120043159d ago

I am not talking as much about the hardware, but more of the technology.

JOLLY13159d ago

Nick...I guess I'll explain that he was being sarcastic. Some people I guess have troubles seeing that sort of stuff..

Nick2120043159d ago

I understand that he was probably being sarcastic, but I wanted to clear it up for those who truly believe that.

Jonas Brothers3159d ago

valid point, but this also brings up the fun factor. Ill admit shooting with the wii mote was fun in games like RE4, but what i find aggravating is how ive gotta have my hands pointed at the screen all the time just to play the damn game, whereas with a controller I can be in a relaxed state.

matey3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

thats what u have to do if u want the most accurate fps controls to date on any console if u want clumsy clunky controls then relax back with your dual shock look i have a ps2 and the controls are maybe better than ps3 so chill out the wiimote is the best for fps ps3 move has to hit the market and prove its better and with CONDUIT 2/ZELDA Wii on the way sony are going to have a hard time proving its better even tigerwoods 2011 on the wii is touted the best video game golf swing for any console wouldnt the ps move have the best video game golf swing if its better ill say no more all u guys on here chat alot of rubbish about this and that i go off proof yes proof and so far the wiimote is far superior untill i see an improvement on these tech demos sony keep failing to impress me sorry the only reason why some people are saying the move is more precise is because the ps3 has very powerful hardware so they are hoping the graphics will make u look past the gameplay someting sony have done since day 1 graphics 1st gameplay 2nd and people will notice why because if u have played tigerwoods 2010,wii sports,metroid prime 3 60fps silky smooth,ect they will notice the lag that both sony and morcosoft have adopted

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