The Nintendo 3DS: Questions to be asked

Justin of writes: 'On Tuesday, Nintendo finally spoke out about their new DS and it appears to be a 3-D handheld gaming machine. Now there have been some rampant rumors about what might Nintendo might be bringing out for a re-imagining in their next DS line, but 3-D is a bit off of what I personally expected. But now the questions are...'

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Ziriux3191d ago

Why dont you make better software and improve upon third party support, before you go and start a new handheld, oh wait that's right Nintendo doesn't care about true hard core fans but families that are willing to spend money on the next poorly designed product.

Foxgod3191d ago

The wii may have bad third party support, but the DS is the king in third party support.

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Raypture3191d ago

I have nothing more to say, you, and this article have said everything I wished to.

reddybrek3191d ago

I'm interested to see what they pull out the bag. This entire 3d thing just doesn't appeal to me otherwise.

Ziriux3191d ago

Yea and the chances are it'll still look way poor than the PSP in graphics.

Foxgod3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Why would it look way poor?
Theres loads of mobiles on the market with a 600 mhz processor, and hundreds mb's of ram, and cost a few hundred bucks only.

Thats three times the power of the psp, for an affordable price.

Are you some kind of Nintendo hater?
In your other comment you stated Nintendo needs to fix the third party support for the DS, that baffled me, the DS got 20 x as much third party games as the psp.

Ziriux3191d ago

I am foxgod, ever since the gamecube days, still play my supernintendo as a matter of fact, nintendo was good at retro, but next gen never got to them.

imec3191d ago

I am definitely not buying it if it's just a DS with motion tracking. If it has a beefy CPU and +64MB of RAM then I may consider it. Otherwise, I'd rather buy a Pandora (when it's finally completed).

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cb8103191d ago

Excited to see this finally come to fruition...

borgome3191d ago

What does fruit have to do with the 3DS ?

OutgoingSquall3191d ago

Got Psn and awesome games too they are both are pretty much equal.

SuperStrokey11233191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Links not working for me

Also if the virtual console works on this I will be content lol. All those games would make for an epic system launch.

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