Modern Warfare 2 Players Flocking to Battlefield Bad Company 2

Industry Gamers: For the past several months DFC Intelligence has been reporting on the usage of Xbox 360 games through monitoring plays registered by the GamerDNA audience on Xbox Live. In November we charted the overwhelming dominance of Activision-Blizzard's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In early February we charted Electronic Arts' January launch of Mass Effect 2 and how it cast a large shadow over all other January releases. Later that month in an article in the DFC Dossier, we noted how Modern Warfare 2 was still the leading game played on Xbox Live through its third month in release, showing little to no cannibalization by February launches such as Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno or Aliens vs. Predator.

On March 2, Electronic Arts released Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the latest installment in the long running and successful series originally launched on PC in 2002 with Battlefield 1942. While a different game than Modern Warfare 2, with its own nuances and gameplay mechanics rooted in the Battlefield brand, Bad Company 2 is widely considered the closest match to Modern Warfare 2 in setting, concept, art style and general game design in both single and multiplayer components. With that in mind DFC has explored how these games compare on Xbox Live among the GamerDNA audience.

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-Alpha3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

There's like 3 shades of annoying blue lol.

But good to see gamers leaving that wretched game. Only way IW can win guys like me back is if they actually start making gameplay tweaks but seeing as they are too busy trying to stop hacks and glitches it doesn't seem likely. I'm moved on, and soon Halo Reach will dominate XBL. Good bye MW2, you failed to deliver.

Not that IW cares, they've been very successful.

Also, how is this information gathered? is it based on who is registered to the GamderDNA website? because that's sampling-- I know MW2 is still going strong, so I'm not sure how accurate this chart is.

deadreckoning6663161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I LOVE BC2 and its much more satisfying than MW2, but I wish DICE would enable a patch to put some sway for sniping. Sniping in BC2 is TOO easy and many people are taking advantage of that. BC2 is the best shooter I've ever played but there can be improvements that I'm certain DICE will make in the future.

-Alpha3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

It's definitely not perfect, and I agree that DICE needs to fix some stuff:

-make flag capturing more meaningful for Conquest
-Add some damn sway for snipers, I completely agree
-Proximity chat, or team chat. Squad chat sucks
-Ability to create multiple squads in a party
-More private party options like in MW2

Overall great game, but those are annoyances I'm having


I somewhat agree with that. There's a large amount of hate for MW2 that's not always entirely fair. However, if this chart is correct, and I am not entirely convinced it is, then it serves IW right for making a dreadful game IMO


Thanks, and I agree completely about revives lol. I think medics need a slight nerf with their LMGs too. It's too damn accurate with the x4 scope that it can outsnipe snipers and its hipfire is amazingly accurate. Not to mention that the M60 is ridiculously overpowered too: attach magnum ammo and you can kill in 2-3 shots. ridiculous!

haqshot3161d ago

This article is one giant TROLL.

Regardless of your hatred/love for MW2, the game remains staggeringly popular. I don't play MW2 or BF, however it's pretty clear that this article is only meant to stir up fanboy comments.

MiloGarret3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Agreed, great post + bubble.

Overall I think they should bump up the rewards for playing as a team, too many play it like it's just deathmatch with little to no consideration of the flags and support functions.

Oh and for fück sake stop reviving me when a tank is staring at me. Adding a brief reload on reviving would be great. Otherwise these morons run around reviving everyone they see for no good reason besides the fact that they get a bunch of points and maybe a pin.

joydestroy3161d ago

i wish more would jump to the PS3 version. i get on there lots of nights around 11pm EST and there will be one squad with 4 people, two squads with 2 people, and the last squad will have no one. it's just not fun imo when there's not at least 3 people on all squads.

Rowsdower3161d ago

here is where party chat works out very well. on the 360 I'll have an entire team of friends and we use party chat and away we go.

great game regardless of platform.

DelbertGrady3161d ago

Same as. Love the squad chat. Usually play with two friends. Communication is critical when you are trying to blow up a com station in rush mode.

Elvfam5113161d ago

"Oh and for fück sake stop reviving me when a tank is staring at me."

That's a dumb medic lol

I think the gamers addicted to MW2 won't leave at all. BFBC2 sniping is fun and easy, but I rather be a medic.

UnwanteDreamz3161d ago

I would be happy if they made squads bigger. I don't care for hearing a full team of mics sounding off during my play but having 2 more people on my squad to talk to would be nice.

I don't think being able to hear the whole team is good at all. If you guys don't like all the snipers then you should be playing the squad based game modes. Squad Rush, Squad Conquest and Squad Deathmatch are where it is at. These squad game mode seperate the BS campers from the real players.

ASSASSYN 36o3161d ago

I am all for switching games and placing blame. But I like to blame all the right people. And IW is not the total blame of MW2 issues. The internal problems with activision and IW relationship allows the MW2 issues to persist. And in the end we gamers suffer but DICE and EA win.

WildArmed3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

ugh. I hated Squad chat in the beta and demo.
If they had *press this button for team chat* i wouldn't mind.
But not being able to talk to ur team AT ALL is bullshit..

But i just got my limited edition copy today.
So as soon as my brother gets off his 8 hour ps3 gaming streak, i'll take bc2 for a ride for an hour or two.

On a side note: I was surprised how much MAG was like BC2.. I love MAG now and i hated the beta since phase 1.
Just recently made a Raven char.. just need people to play it with >.< Kinda sucks playing MP games w/o a party.

BattleAxe3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I can't stand the "sway" when sniping in CoD. It should be like Killzone2 where the scope moves only if your hands are not steady and you move your Sixaxis controller (motion sensing), which would be more realistic.

Fanb0y3161d ago

Well, an online shooter is not that fun if everyone there are really good.

We need to shoot wookies occasionally. These COD players will do for now.

PaLaK-3161d ago

BFBC2 wasn't riding a hype train like MW2, and with GOW3/HeavyRain quality exclusives, and the holiday season over, and exam period arriving, these are just a few of the reasons people haven't flocked to BFBC2 on to the ps3/other platforms to some extent too. I don't have BFBC2 because I dont like big map shooters e.g. MAG/BFBC2 I prefer KZ2, but I dithced MW2 3 months ago in January, and here's another reason: all my friends are always on MW2 and since selling it I've never been able to play with them except on Fifa10! There are always going to be cod addicts and casuals who know nothing but cod, and too many of my friends unfortunately mw2 is the best game they've ever played :| oh well..

Orange3161d ago


I think the Killzone 2 sniping is brilliant. You can't keep the dualshock steady if explosions are going off thus causing your scope to sway, giving nice immersion coupled to the vibration.

It does open things up to a slight cheat by either turning off the vibration or using a sixaxis.

HSx93161d ago

I.W. is too busy counting their money to patch up a game that can't make them more than they have already.

Mr Brownstone743160d ago

i like squad chat too. it keeps the squads (usually) working together and you won't have an annoying little 9 year old yelling into their mic while some teammates are trying to play. and if those kids do end up in your squad it is easy to mute one person.

if there was a full team chat i think that would take away some of the reason in having squads. it is better to communicate with just your squad so you dont get confused as to who is telling who to do what.

xplosneer3160d ago

Why don't they add team chat to the up or down d-pad when not in a vehicle, seeing as they're unused anyways? I'd like to be able to tell all those snipers to look at the crate I just armed, or maybe something else. It doesn't have to be all the time, just the option would be nice.

jjohan353160d ago

After playing BC2 on PS3 and PC, I prefer it on PC. The controls are a bit too heavy on the consoles in my opinion. I didn't mind Killzone's heavy controls, but I thought BC2 was a little too annoying. My only gripe with BC2 other than the controls on the consoles (not a problem on PC) is the overpowered snipers. Everyone ends up camping with snipers everywhere.

3160d ago
ThanatosDMC3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Gamers should also flock to MAG. Just dont freaking shoot people that are highlighted blue that's a teammate! You need to be lv8 to get to Domination... you wont go back to other shooters.

^ lots of snipers and the noob tube (grenade laucher).

scariiface3160d ago

in no way bc2 is better than cod mw just the people that hate the game says that. it is your fault the reason the developers are acting like that stop the dawm piracy and buy the games

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sak5003161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I'm one of them gamers. I used to play MW2 any chance i could get some free time on hand and now haven't played it since bought BC2. Even though MW2 was quite fun in the days but was cheapend by the glitches/hacks people exploiting perk system, kill streaks etc. BC2 is really more like being in a war where running and gunning doesnt cut it you need to be in squad and work together to achieve your objectives. Also longer and requires perseverence.

Good job DICE which have provided consistent good quality MP games since BF:1942 back in circa2001. NOW how about remake of BF:Vietnam in HD using frostbite engine complete with the vehical radio playback of the 70s music like the original's.

TheBand1t3161d ago

Dude, hell ya, BFV with Frostbite? I'd dig it.

Inside_out3160d ago

MW2 a fantastic game... obviously giving gamers what they want...sales incredible...still play spec-ops in co-op...Article is a fail...MW2 has become a phenomenon...Can't wait for Cod WAW, Reach and KZ3 in the fall ( yes, shooters ) ...Wish it was from a different publisher tho...couple more wks till Splinter Cell Conviction then FINALLY...Alan Wake...

tdrules3161d ago

I love that I get fresh meat that don't see the point of a repair tool when (quoted from a player recently) "why would I wanna repair vehicles when I can kill people?"

Mr_Showtime13161d ago

That's the kind of idiot I want to stay on CoD.

tdrules3161d ago

they're mine now

DelbertGrady3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I play as the engineer and it's hard to make a tank last for more than 10 seconds if no one is around to repair it. Or if I'm on the other team ;)

BeaArthur3161d ago

As much as I hate MW2 and love BC2, these articles are getting old.

jagstatboy3161d ago

Borderlands is awesome. If you haven't discovered it yet, do so now!

ThanatosDMC3161d ago

It gets old fast though. Great game for co-op.

iceman063160d ago

I've gone through the game twice (2 different groups of friends) in co-op! Now, I just need to get them off of BFBC2 (which I love) and MAG so that we can tackle the DLC content. I have HIGH hopes for a sequel!!!

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