Video Games Coming... To Libraries? Toronto Libraries Seek to Promote Titles and Consoles

The scapegoat of the media gains some support amongst Canadians. Can Canadians get any cooler? Libraries across Toronto are collecting money to start bringing in more children– but it's not books they are after.In an attempt to draw more children into the public educational facilities the Toronto Public Library sought after $300,000 to start a gaming program across eight different branches. The motive? To enforce reading and literacy skills through video games themselves.

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Hitman07693188d ago

Good Job on this Alpha Male. I believe that playing certain types of video games like Mario Typing from back in the day would educate children greatly. I do not see why libraries shouldn't accept video games as a entertainment / education medium, because it is one. They may not be able to keep up with the financial aspect to supporting the latest titles, but all games are a valid media. Just like with books there is fiction, non-fiction, educational, and adult/mature.

Hitman07693188d ago

Dance Dance Revolution is being used to help out Physical Education programs, I think if this was done well libraries could benefit. The right type of game for the right type of education being applied is key.

movements3188d ago

Canada, one of the coolest place on earth.