Top 10 Trilogies That Need to be Completed

Mark Fujii of TheGameReviews writes: "The best things in life come in threes. For instance, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Wise Men, stooges, sexual partners, and, as God of War III just recently proved, video games as well. However, despite the video game industry's love affair with churning out sequels at an alarming rate that makes stockholders smile and enthusiast gamers cry, developers and publishers are usually pretty selective about which games become a trilogy and which games are left with only a lone sequel to keep them company. And by "selective", I do mean completely arbitrary and periodically stupid. While the billionth Mario or Tony Hawk or Rock Band game is in production, these potential trilogies are sitting around neglected and unloved by their creators. The games showed an amazing amount of promise when they debuted a lifetime ago, but now they're forced to sit idly by, desperately waiting to be completed. Here are the top 10 trilogies that need completing."

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BetaChris3160d ago

No Maniac Mansion, Gabriel Knight, or The 7th Guest? Lest we forget the classics...

Krud3160d ago

Actually, there was a third Gabriel Knight game, "Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned." But it came out during Sierra's awkward phase right before they stopped making adventure games altogether. (In fact, it might have BEEN their last adventure game, but don't quote me on that.)

Bnet3433160d ago

I knew Blinx 3 would not be listed. I swear to god if Microsoft would get their heads out of their asses and revive the series, they might actually compete with Ratchet & Clank. Makes me mad sometimes.

NoiseBringer3160d ago

Ok i agree for KOTOR, but where is Dungeon Keepper or HomeWorld?

Darkstorn3160d ago

Half-Life 2 Ep. 3 and KOTOR 3 would be amazing...

Palodios3159d ago

Baldurs Gate is done. Throne of Bhaal essentially was Baldurs Gate 3--The developers have explicitly stated the game is one of three parts, BG1, BG2 and TOB. TOB's ending is about as conclusive as you can get, any sequel after it would be like Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance, meaning completely unrelated to the plot of the original, so what's the point? Icewind Dale/Neverwinter Nights/Dragon Age all serve as fine spiritual successors.

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NeverforgetNES3160d ago

Those are some great titles to consider. I would love to see another game in the Chrono series.

smilydude133160d ago

Give me KOTOR 3, for the love of god just give it to me. And please let Obsidian develop it with a massive budget and the time they need. Please...

Krud3160d ago

I'd been told that Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO was supposed to be the "completion" of the KOTOR trilogy, but if it's just more backstory (or takes place decades later) then no, that won't suffice. Especially considering how the plot was left hanging at the end of the second installment.

smilydude133160d ago

The MMO is set about 300 years after the events of KOTOR 2. So yeah... They're trying to pass it off as the game to wrap it all up what with all the sayings of "IT'S BASICALLY KOTOR 3-12!" but I'm not buying it. Especially with that art style... Don't think I'm going to care much about these 'heroically proportioned' characters. Uggh.

mistajeff3160d ago

"Why bother fleshing out the history of the Old Republic when the two video games only gave fans a taste of what that universe had to offer? It’d be like if George Lucas suddenly decided to make The Phantom Menace right after they made Empire Strikes Back."

This is such a great point. I'm looking forward to TOR, despite the fact that I hate MMOs, but it doesn't feel right. I REALLY want KOTOR 3. Obsidian really wants to do it, too, but it's all in LucasArts hands and they tend to make horrible decisions whenever they can. Obsidian clearly had a distinct vision they were pursuing and it's such a shame that they, and all video game playing Star Wars fans, got screwed out of seeing it in its true form.

smilydude133160d ago

Personally I'd compare it to being more like giving us The Clone Wars, actually. Haha... But yeah LA really screwed the pooch with Kotor 2, there is so much blatantly left out content in the game. Seriously, I was digging through the music files a couple days ago and came across the theme song for that cut droid planet. I hear Obsidian even wanted to patch in the cut content but LA wouldn't let them. And now what sucks even more is that The Sith Lords Restoration Project seems to be dead. Never the less, Kotor 2 is still my favorite out of the two.

tinajacobs12223160d ago

I'd pay good money for a Star Wars game based on the Cartoon Network Clone Wars video games.

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RagTagBnd4453160d ago

Lol, 3 Bioware series in there.

GamersRUs3160d ago

Bioware makes the best games!

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