Playstation Network: E3 Heavenly Sword & Lair Demo, LittleBigPlanet Beta

First off, Factor 5, the developers of the forthcoming dragon shooter Lair, has already confirmed that a demo will be coming out for the game "in July", one month before the game's official August 14th release.

Another demo rumored to be making the rounds "very soon" is Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword, featuring a sweet-looking hottie battling all kinds of impossible odds to bring down the man that murdered her father. Theory should be finishing up work on this soon and already promised a demo would be coming as well. So, again, it would be a big part of some kind of online E3 push.

And let's not forget the online betas, either.Word has it that Little Big Planet would be starting up a beta as well. Again, E3 could hold the key to all this and Sony could really give its users something spectacular if it wanted.

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Bill Gates3910d ago

Drake's F

I can wait, but I don't want to.

Omegasyde3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

Same Here, but I think the "The Agency" beta will come before Little Big planet.

Hopefully Sony doesn't screw the pooch and have a "Open" Beta that isn't really open but invite only. Warhawk Beta was awesome, but many many people had to ps3proxy to get in. Despite the bugs, I was really impressed with it. IF they made it a public beta, All PS3 users would be hooked and more sales of the game when it comes out.

They better not go the MS route and actually expect us to buy a $60 game to get into a beta. It was smart Marketing, but damn that was a greedy move. All LIVE members should of gotten into the Beta. I do hope they don't start doing that, But then again putting Demo's on the same disc is smart and I don't know why no one does it anymore?

They should really bring back demo's on game discs.

Kleptic3910d ago

I really think Sony/Incognito did a really good job with the Warhawk beta...while it definitely was not a true public beta at seems to have been extremely productive...Jobe admitted in a post that he made there were a lot of issues with weapon balancing that never would have been addressed without the beta...the developers would regularly post on the beta's specific forum for tester's only...The initial small wave of people that got in kept a very tight organized list of things needing fixed right off the bat...Then in late June, month later, a huge wave of users got in...and the constructiveness of the beta sloped down hill fast...while its true that less people got to give input because of it not being truely the end it helps everyone...

but otherwise that forum over there is a disaster...with 500 threads a day, and no one searching to see if their question had already been addressed...if everyone got into that beta, and used the beta's forum...Incognito would have had so many complaints/praises going on at any one point, that it would have been full time work just to reply to the stuff...

I feel that beta tests should be used as such...and not pawned off as a demo...They are needed for addressing certain things the public does not realize while playing (server limits and bandwidth needs)...but open the door for user impressions on the game...the game was far enough in development that only certain things could be fixed...allowing millions into the beta would have flooded the entire process with useless impressions of the game, and people not agreeing on what should be changed...

If Dylan Jobe fixes what he said he would just before the end of the beta earlier in the week...the game will be just about as good as it can get given the circumstances...Things were fixed that otherwise would not have been, which should overall make the ending game that much better...It appears so far that the test went very well...and should round off the sharp edges of one of the best PS3 games so far...

Bebedora3910d ago

Someone admittedly didn't say

'I can't wait'

But instead said how it is. +bubble for you

nice_cuppa3910d ago

my bud describes lbp as flash game maker.

although a great description it makes lbp sound crap.

cartman3133910d ago

Uh...Have you even seen LBP?

JIN KAZAMA3910d ago

Cant wait for this. its gonna be some nice times for PS3 owners.

Whoooop3910d ago

good times ahead of us..

Figboy3910d ago

i accidentally disagreed with you, i was trying to agree with tplarkin, but for some reason, it added a disagree to you. stupid N4G...

anyway, it'd be nice to see some E3 content from Sony, but i won't hold my breath.

in either case, there's going to be some good stuffing coming from the event anyway, even if we don't get to download it onto the PS3.

oh, who am i kidding, this is a brilliant idea from Microsoft, and if Sony doesn't copy it, it'd be a stupid move.

Whoooop3910d ago

heh I don't mind if people disagree with me though..

Figboy3910d ago

yeah, but in this case, all you said was "good times are ahead for all of us,"

and then there's a disagree. lol.

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