DC Universe Images Unofficial, Unapproved

A representative from Sony Computer Entertainment has informed IncGamers that the images which were circulated around the internet of the upcoming MMO DC Universe Online recently are unofficial and unapproved.

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Maticus2982d ago

Shame, they're gorgeous images!

Cogo2982d ago

If this is fan made, it's very good fan made!

Leord2982d ago

That's what they always say :P

Cogo2982d ago

It would be easier if they just released their own, official stuff.

Dorjan2982d ago

Oh really? Well I guess it was for the best, it is a bit "bloom"y

Medievaldragon2982d ago

Pity. Wonder how they came to be though? was it from them and accidentally released, or a hoax?

Leord2982d ago

Always lots of hoaxes around popular brands.

This would be a VERY good one, however.

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The story is too old to be commented.