PSLS Presents – Alexey Menshikov, Founder and CEO of Beatshapers

PSLS Writes: Located in the heart of the Ukraine, Beatshapers is in an unusual position for a game developer. In an industry where the majority of the talent is based in Western Europe or the West Coast of America, Beatshapers brings a fresh twist to their games with their unique location and ideas. Their newest title, Normaltanks, a PSP Mini game, just hit the European PSN Store, and is ready for consumption. Below is an interview with the Founder and CEO of Beatshapers, Alexey Menshikov. He offers a unique perspective on Ukrainian game development and a refreshing view on game design. Enjoy.

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user94220772887d ago

Picked this Mini up, great game.

ps3gamerkyle2887d ago

It really is. A gem of a game.

doctorstrange2887d ago

I've heard good things about it

ftwrthtx2887d ago

The developers of Topatoi are also from the same region. Quite a few games are being developed there.

Good interview

Bnet3432887d ago

Topatoi, I did not understand that game. I think I got stuck trying to jump over a gap or something and gave up lol. :P

Bnet3432887d ago

I wonder if small time devs like BeatShapers will eventually move on to bigger projects. You always wonder what people like them can do with high budgets.

Scolar Visari2887d ago

Good interview! Sounds like an interesting Mini title.

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