E3 Pre-Event Coverage: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Developer Naughty Dog, of Jack and Daxter fame, hopes to take gamers on a treasure hunting thrill ride in its upcoming PlayStation 3 adventure, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The impressive, third person shooter features a slick graphics engine and death defying escapes, plunging gamers into a world bursting with danger and excitement.

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nice_cuppa4029d ago

i hope we get to see more of this at e3 and that it shows something new.

Corrupt4029d ago

Is it 'cause the game involves puzzles and making your way through obstacles? This may be because.. they're the same genre *shock - horror* I guess Halo is the same as Goldeneye because you shoot stuff, right? Oh, wait. That's the point of FPS's, silly me.

[email protected]4029d ago

Serously look extremely awesome. I might if other game it gonna put some use over the Urcharted game engine, I might.

techie4028d ago

At the top of my list. Naughty Dog are unrivalled :)