FarmVille power user: "I'm Not Obsessed"

Cathy Hinz is really into "FarmVille." But she swears she's not obsessed.

"I can, you know, walk away and say, 'I'm not going to worry about it.' I don't worry about it, but I will plan my farm around my life," she says.

Hinz, a 50-year old mom and grandmother, manages an apartment complex in Portland, Ore., so she has time to be online, fiddling with the farm simulation game as much as she wants. And she's far from the only one.

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TotalPS3Fanboy3164d ago

"I am not addicted to it. I can walk away anytime. I just choose not to walk away. Beside, I don't have to prove it to you or anyone."

YoungKingDoran3163d ago

sounds like my gf who is also addicted to this game. im sick of the notifications. no, i don't want your sapling, bitsh.

Max Power3163d ago

is click on the hide button on the upper right hand part of the notification and you can select to hide all of Farmville. I have done it with all the stupid facebook game notifications so far and I am extremely pleased that I don't have to see if someone found a baby cow on their farm or how much money someone made doing a hit.

PinkUni3163d ago

has to be one of the best games this generation.

its online real world timing and amount of content is something you never see in videogames, and hopefully some will learn from this.

Ether3163d ago

Yep, thats what they all say.

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