Hate Final Fantasy XIII? You've Probably Got Technology to Blame

One gamer's view on why complaining about aspects of Final Fantasy XIII just doesn't make sense, and why it might just be the game we've been looking for all along.

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LordMarius3191d ago

especially a certain piece of old technology

candybeans3191d ago

Hehe. (But note that I did not include that reason. I probably should have, but did not.)

Myst3191d ago

Personally don't hate it myself, but I'm not attracted to it as much as previous ones. For what it is it seems rather okay, but seems like it was destined for far more only to be cut short.

Still need to finish it myself. Hopefully I can this Saturday.

candybeans3191d ago

It's going to take me a lot longer than 'til Saturday...Boo. :(

Coolmanrico3191d ago

Most people don't like it because it diffrent from the older games.All I asked was for XIII to be better than XII, I got my wish.

Halo3 MLG Pro3191d ago

Played it, beat it, loved it. Not as good as Lost Odyssey who still owns the crown for best jrpg but still enjoyable.