Rumored PS Store Content for 03/25/10

PSLS writes:

This week has a "massive" amount of content coming our way. Blue Toad Murder Files finally hits the US PlayStation Store. Also coming this week, Wakeboarding HD, MAG DLC, and so much more. Don't forget to download episode 6 of The Tester.

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guitarded773186d ago

MAG DLC and Blue Toad Murder Files... good update.

ThanatosDMC3186d ago

I cant imagine how dazed i will be in MAG due to all those flashbangs and poison gas when defending those consoles.

Here's the MAG DLC info:

PaLaK-3186d ago

Im from the uk and I've already completed all 3 blue toad episodes and I loved them! a must have for people who like logic puzzles/ murder mysteries/ a funny little unique game! However, I must say there is no exploration or walking around, you just jump from puzzle to puzzle! Still, I love little logic puzzles so I didn't mind, but just giving some details on the game for all you people sitting on the fence!

rambi803186d ago

i'm beginning to think those sonic costumes will never arrive

Chubear3186d ago

Love Prof Layton so Blue Toad looks like a must buy for me. Looks well done and I've always wanted a Prof Layton version for the PSP so this should be right up my alley.

FragGen3186d ago

People still play MAG? ;)

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doctorstrange3186d ago

It looks like another pretty solid week for PSN

2Spock3186d ago

Another solid week you say. This is the first solid week in quite a while. When was the last good PSN arcade game we got? Just cause we get a demo and some rockband updates and such does not make it a good week. Until they start releasing solid PSN games then it is not a good for me. Which i hope they put a demo up for the Wakeboarding HD or i will just have to pass on it for sure.

Bnet3433186d ago

Hmm ... not that good for a week for me personally. Wish we had some nice demos.

unrealgamer583186d ago

the tester is an abomination.

Handhelds_FTW3186d ago

we get a some real PS1 Classics, this time around.

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The story is too old to be commented.