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StarCraft 2 Fansite Beta Key Contests Started

Blizzard promised fansites to be able to give away beta keys as early as 2007. A few days ago it seemed the giveaways would start very soon, and this promise is now finally realised as the first sites giving away keys have now started their contests and raffles.

So far, it's only European sites that give away keys, and most are not English, but the American sites are expected to receive the green light as well any day now. (PC, Starcraft II)

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Dorjan  +   2028d ago
yay, more people to play against!
Cogo  +   2028d ago
Hopefully they can speak English :P
Leord  +   2028d ago
Lol! I thought about that as well, and really, how often do you actually chat with people in a game anyway?

I mean besides "gl hf" :)
King Klear  +   2028d ago
I wonder if more inexperienced people may help me gat out of the copper league =(
Leord  +   2028d ago

Well, I'm in Copper myself, so :P

No that funny, really :P
DJDarkstar  +   2028d ago
True, as long as they can type GG when you pwn em, is all good :D
King Klear  +   2028d ago
That's actually somewhat rare =(
Therealspy1776  +   2028d ago
I love SC
but still have no key :'(

anyone have a spare?
Cogo  +   2028d ago
Well, mostly Polish and Hungarian and other random sites atm :P
Medievaldragon  +   2028d ago
just wish they had open beta.
King Klear  +   2028d ago
They might, but not anytime soon, I guess.
DJDarkstar  +   2028d ago
Well, I understand the need to limit it and open it slowly, but Blizz usually don't do an open beta even towards the end :( Still, they might change for SC2 hehe.
King Klear  +   2028d ago
Great! I've been waiting for this for such a long t... wait, I already have a key! Still, the more people in, the better.
Leord  +   2028d ago
I'm wondering how long it will be before they reach their 10 000 concurrent players goal...
DJDarkstar  +   2028d ago
Well, with different timezones and such, could be a little while, but then again they have been letting more and more in hehe.
Maticus  +   2028d ago
Lol, mad rush!
Leord  +   2028d ago
God, I do wish SCW get the contest going soon!
DJDarkstar  +   2028d ago
For sure :D Be good to get that going hehe.
DJDarkstar  +   2028d ago
Awesome :) Always good to get more people in.
DeepThought  +   2028d ago
gl to everyone who enters!
Cogo  +   2028d ago
Is there some Blizz tactic to primarily invite random EU countries first through this?
kuangtu  +   2028d ago
finally~more keys for the fansite fans~
tinajacobs1222  +   2028d ago
Yay! Thanks guys!
Voozi  +   2028d ago
Quick Cat
Get some beta keys for n4g ;)
bats221  +   2028d ago
I keep getting pwned so bad in this game. :(

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