Borderlands - A Guide to The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Dick Ward writes: "You've opened the vault, laid waste to Zombie Island and took down all the best that Mad Moxxi had to offer. It was great, but you crave more. More advancement, more challenge, and most importantly, more loot. It's time to raid the Secret Armory of General Knoxx."

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Graffin3189d ago

Looks awesome. Borderlands was addictive enough, I don't need these expansions drawing me in as well ;)

cyguration3189d ago

it's even more addictive knowing that Gearbox added all possible scenarios to make the game even more replayable. Especially tossing in the zombies in the Island of Dr. Ned

Axll3189d ago

What a game, can't wait to get this expansion.

Muckbeast3189d ago

Oh man. Great article.


Anurag20103189d ago

nice article..detailed guide. Thanks!