Tournament of Legends arrives on July 6th [video]

SEGA today announced that Tournament of Legends will be available on July 6, 2010, exclusively for the Wii. The mythological arena combat game comes from High Voltage Software (The Conduit), which uses their proprietary Quantum 3 game engine. Tournament of Legends debuts at a modest $29.99 MSRP and will be published by SEGA. Watch some gameplay clips of Tournament of Legends here.

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ZoidsRaven3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

This looks nothing like Gladiator AD! When I look at this game now, It reminds me of an elephant with a bad (BAD) case of diarrhea.
It looks like a straight rip-off of Soul Calibur (only not in 2d) now.

pcz was right, HVS sold out. I'm starting to think the Gladiator AD demo wasn't even done on the Wii. It's a shame really, they looked like they were going to be the only third party devs to max out the Wii's power. Oh well, I'll judge them on The Conduit 2's performance (because the are obviously aren't going to put enough time into The Grinder). 7_7

Fierce Musashi3158d ago

This was supposed to be A.D.? LOL WELL

Anyway. After researching some of the latest news, especially the recent changes in these upcoming High Voltage Software titles I'm starting to think maybe Sega are behind them or influencing them at the very least. I can say I'm almost certain, if they are going to have anything to do with The Grinder that is. That's business, I guess.