Xbox Live Silver Members Get Gold Benefits in April

RespawnAction: "Starting April 1st and ending April 5th, Xbox Live Silver Members are gonna get a nice gift from Microsoft. They are running a promotion that will allow Silver members to 'enjoy features that are reserved exclusively for Gold members."

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Kahvipannu3192d ago

So.. it's no more waiting demos, twitter, facebook, "deal" downloads, and.. is there anything else?

-MD-3192d ago

Being able to play online...

respawnaction3192d ago

Yea, Silver's can play online those days

Kahvipannu3192d ago

Oh, sorry guys, I miss readed the article, and tought they get everything except online play from now on April 1st. Didn't notice the thing its 1st to 5th. My bad.

Anyways, nice one from Microsoft, tought Live isn't that expencive.

BeaArthur3191d ago

I don't know if I would call it a gift. It's not like MS is trying to be nice, they are trying to get people to upgrade from Silver to Gold. You could say it was being nice, but it's a pretty transparent move.

ThanatosDMC3191d ago

Exactly, it's an incentive to upgrade.

respawnaction3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

yea I know, i stated that in the last part. It is really kind of a 50/50 I think. yea they are trying to convert new customers, but it can also be viewed as a tiny gift I think. Gift to silver members who want to try Gold for free, business for Microsoft in gaining new customers. That's just me.

Kahvipannu3191d ago

Yes, I totally agree with you guys, that it's just for to get new subscriptions. But still it doesn't change the thing that silvers are getting the free gold-time.

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iPad3191d ago

Why don't they just get Gold benefits for life?

Fishy Fingers3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Money. This isn't done as a favour, it's it the hopes of baiting a few silver members into an upgrade.

Which is fair I suppose, how do you know what your missing unless you get to try it. Although dont all 360's come with some free Live time, a month or so?

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The story is too old to be commented.