God of War III Sales Pass One Million Units Worldwide

The final chapter in the God of War trilogy manages to outperform all previous versions in week one and becomes one of the fastest-sellers of 2010 to date

Following on from the massive success of Final Fantasy XIII last week which managed to sell over one million copies on PS3 and on the back of some very strong reviews, God of War III set a similar sales benchmark for the week ending 20th March 2010 with just over 1.1 million units sold worldwide. In terms of regional breakdown around 700,000 units were sold in the Americas and 400,000 in Europe and Other Regions (excluding Japan).

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GR8 13188d ago

Just managed to sell a Million......u know the funny thing is xbox360 games do those Numbers in day 1 and they don't need to struggle to get to a Million.

LordMarius3188d ago


hey bot wanna see Flopza day one sales

rucky3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

What happened with all that money though? You got nothing to show for it. Rather than buying more developers or giving you decent working console it went all straight to MS' pockets.

And lol by the way at "struggling to get to a million" line. Really?

Bumpmapping3188d ago

Haha MentalGearRising and his obsession with sales numbers.The one thing you forgot to mention all those so called "million 1 day sellers" are not in the same league as this masterpiece.

Cry some more bot you got no games to play fat jobless loser haha.

gtamike1233188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

not a true gamer, guess this game is too hardcore for Kids

ps3hasonlyflopgames3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

ps3 fanboys don't trust ps3 software sales anymore..

here the example of flop games in sales in ps3..


"killzone 2 fails in system seler"

"mgs4 fails"

"uncharted 2 fails"

"resistence 2 fails"

" god of war fails ( lols only 700 k in americas )

God of War sold good but nothing mind-boggling.. gears 2 and halo odst halo 3 for exmaple sold 'only' sold 2.5 million copies in ONLY 1 DAY OF I guess 700 k in americas is "ok" sales for this same crap gameplay of game.. this game didn't move any consoles ( not system seller)




bRAAAaaains3188d ago

Typical bot logic. Go ahead and keep buying the same rehashed game over and over again. I laugh at the fact that you'll be playing the same games for the remainder of your 360 gen.

Oh and news flash, PS3 is still outselling the 360 worldwide since launch. And you know what's pathetic? Your console is already in bargain bin price.

BYE3188d ago

That's why they keep selling you sh*t like Halo ODST ... you guys buy everything.

TheOutsider3187d ago

This is what happens when these 2 Fa*s FU*K with a PS3 GAMER.....

ryano232773187d ago

That must have been the reason why I liked it so much.
Please PS3 owners, keep buying games - it makes MY EXPERIENCE so much better when a game hits 1 mil.

Still have yet to enjoy MAG, just hasn't reached 1 mil yet. Can someone PM me when it does, I really want enjoy MAG.

avengers19783187d ago

If sales numbers are your thing then you do know That Heavy Rain and God of War 3 are the top sellers of the year so far, oh and ME2 must be a huge flop to you. Let see Halo sells alot, and Gears sells alot, I will give you that but what other 360 titles sell that well...Answer none. Bots are just pissed cause they have 2 franchises and PS3 has an unlimited supply of fantastic games.
FACE THE FACTS BOTS PS3 is kicking the hell out of 360
PS3 we got the games, the innovation, the momentum, and the future

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Al Bundy3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

1 million in less than one week! 700,000 in the Americas alone.

And the Xbox fanboys say PS3 exclusives don't sell. Somebody's lying.

YoungKiller253188d ago

well knowing VGchartz they are usually always wrong about sales numbers because they are preliminary, so i cant wait to see what NPD has on the actual numbers if these are so good

hazardman3188d ago

Wasn't expecting it to hit 1 mil that fast..

bmw693188d ago


What do you mean by "usually always wrong about sales numbers" exactly? Their data is never exactly the same as NPD - why should it be, they are two different sets of estimates from different sources - but they are always in the right ballpark.

VGChartz estimates 700,000 week one in the Americas or around 600,000 in the USA. There will be three weeks of sales in March's NPD results for God of War so as long as NPD report something like 800-900k for God of War III in March then the figures from VGChartz are in exactly the right ballpark - as has been the case every other time they release preliminary figures.

I don't know where this "always wrong" attitude comes from? They weren't wrong about Arkham Aslyum (even getting the PS3/360 split correct), Modern Warfare 2, New SMB Wii, Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed 2, BioShock 2, Aliens vs Predator, Halo: ODST - in fact can you find a game they WERE wrong about?

raztad3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

NPD will only give accurate NA numbers. You need to wait for Sony for Worldwide figures.

GoW3 deserves all the sales it can get. Those not getting the game are missing out BIG time.


Didnt VGC predict ODST selling 2m day one? I think I read that

@Alpha bellow

Bro, much more than 2m played GoW2 I can tell you that. PS2 was heaven for pirates.

-Alpha3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Actually going by VGChartz, GoW2 sold around 3.3 million. This is quite a big surprise to me. Good for God of War 3 and Playstation fans buying the game. I hope they sell a lot more.

I had thought that considering God of War 2 sold 3 million the sales for #3 would have been marginally lower considering #2 came out at the end of the PS2 with a much bigger install base.

Of course, going by VGChartz doesn't really matter. May as well start arguing about if the Easter Bunny is superior to Santa Claus.

bacon133188d ago

Keep on trucking Kratos. I'm already on my 3rd playthrough and still loving every gory minute of it.

sikbeta3188d ago

It's Awesome to know that More People is Enjoying This Amazing Game, GOW3 is EPIC

Parapraxis3188d ago

"400,000 in Europe and Other Regions (excluding Japan)."
I'm sorry, but that seems far too low.
I suspect GOW III did 1 million within the first 24hrs.

Army_of_Darkness3188d ago

did anybody have as much trouble as me fighting that 3 headed beast along with those 2 fighting warrior creatures near the end of the game?? f#@K, it took me like 10 tries to win that match!!!
zeus was pretty easy compared to them, I killed him in my first try;)

Silly gameAr3188d ago

@Army Of Darness

Yes! That part was so irritating on Titan. I'm starting my playthrough on Chaos mode soon and that is one of 3 parts that I dread going through lol.

IdleLeeSiuLung3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

A million in one day? Not many games achieve that and although God of War 3 is an excellent game, I think you are reaching for the stars.

Besides, if it did you probably would have heard by now from Sony. Instead, a week later we are hearing sales numbers in the one million range for the week.

Is it great sales? It is fantastic numbers, and among the fastest selling I have heard on the Playstation platform next to maybe MGS4 and Uncharted 2.

Cold 20003188d ago

I thought you guys said you don't play the "sales games".

What happened ?

Danny Dan3188d ago

Alpha-Male, remember GoW2 came out a year AFTER the PS3 and 2 yrs after the 360. Not all 140million PS2 owners were still playing video games, let alone on a PS2. Just because a bigger install base doesn't necessarily mean more sales. It all depends on if the owners are active gamers.


GoWIII was a thrill ride for me. This is the only franchise I've really enjoyed and get really hyped about. I find huge interest in Greek Mythology and this game fitted very well with me. I recommend this game to everyone.

Carlton Banks3188d ago

Meh Vgchartz, the same site that said ODST did 2 million day one.

Cold 20003188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Damn, you just spoiled the party.

Commander TK3188d ago

They r wrong about MGS4 and U2. Konami said that the game surpassed 5 mill, but vgchartz has it at 4.6 mill. Naughty Dog said that U2 sold 3.5 mill, but vgchartz has it at 3.02

k-Lan3188d ago

lmao! Bragging about selling 1 mil in a week WW? You're more of a loser then i originally thought. Wasn't this game supposed to be a system seller? Nothing has changed. PS3 exclusives don't sell. Prove me wrong with sales comparisons if you choose.

tatotiburon3188d ago

@Carlton Banks so how much ODST sold in day one?

ultimatek13188d ago

I checked a week ago, god of war sales and they were like this:
GOd of War I= 2.96M
GOd Of War II= 2.48M

And today, we see them like this
God Of War I =4.00M
God OF War II=3.34M

Then one of this is true:
1)God Of War I for the ps2, sold 1.04M in the last wekeend, faster than God of War III for the ps3 during the last week.

2)VGChartz inflated the sales numbers during the weekend.

Alvadr3188d ago

And Valve says - "Developing for teh PS3 is a waste of everyones time"

-Alpha3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I would agree with you that 1 mill world wide is nothing remarkable considering many big games do that all the time. In fact, the hype that went behind sales and being a "system killer" falls flat and it's a little hypocritical for Sony fans to brag about sales all of a sudden. There is no reason to be such a jerk to Bundy about it though.

Super Geek?

TotalPS3Fanboy3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

"I thought you guys said you don't play the 'sales games'."

We don't play the 'sales games'. However 1 million peoples play the God of War III game.


Proving once again that sales is only important to Alpha-Male22 and 360 gamers, to the point that you guys have to try to downplay 1 million in one week, trying to rain on these peoples' parade.

Geeze, just let them have their parade for once.

bmw693188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

@Commander TK

Find me the link where Konami says that MGS4 has sold 5 million copies and we can discuss that one.

For Uncharted 2, Sony announced 3.5m units sold to retailers, VGChartz is reporting just over 3m of those bought by consumers - seems totally reasonable to me for a game that came out just a few months ago...

@ultimatek1 - since GOW 1 and 2 are last gen, VGChartz hadn't updated their sales since 2008 which is why the numbers were originally lower.

@ODST 2m comments - 2m was worldwide on day one. In actual fact the game did more like 1.8m on day one so again not a huge discrepancy. If you're comparing directly to NPD then don't forget that USA =/= the world.

Al Bundy3188d ago

Why are the Xbox fanboys so mad? I thought you guys liked talking about sales?

maniacmayhem3188d ago

And I thought PS3 fans didn't care about sales?

And why are we comparing 360 games sales to PS3 games sales??

God of War 3 is an excellent game and 1 million is nothing to laugh about. That is a serious hit set in stone.

boodybandit3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Is it simply amazing!
I played it through on god mode and now I am taking on Titan and chipping away at the challenges. Haven't had as much time to devote to it as I would like but I am playing it every chance I get. Nearly everyone on my friends list is playing it. 2 people on my list already have the platinum trophy and they are STILL playing it!

Personally I don't care for sales articles but this is such an amazing game I wanted to drop in and give credit where it's due. If SC stops with GOW please move on to something similar. I'm not sure what to make of the ending though. If anyone has thoughts or predictions as to it's meaning PM so not to spoil it for anyone that has yet to complete the game.

Lifendz3188d ago

that games are doing much better than any of us going off of the NPDs or VGChartz would think. and Walmart are not included. There are some parts of America where people do all their shopping in Walmart. Then you have people like me that buy 90% of their stuff online.

But on topic, that's a great number. PS3 has really been riding a wave of positivity lately. I just hope that Sony does something to curtail all the bitterness over supply issues.

TheBand1t3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago ) just call someone on a video game site....a geek?

That's not exactly an insult, jackass.

-Alpha3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

What do u mean? PS3 fans are bragging about sales and then ur telling me I'm the only one that cares here? So it only becomes bad to talk about sales when I'm not over exaggerating them?

Also, I'm not trying to rain on a parade, just keeping things realistic. If you don't like the reality that many big games break a million easily world wide then I can't help you. I don't understand why every little victory has to turn into a parade. I never said the sales were bad, just that it doesn't matter, and that PS3 fans shouldn't be "parading" it when they are the ones to downplay it any other time it comes up. Yes, it's a great milestone mark, but some of you were over-hyping sales

N4Flamers3188d ago

does this number include the ultimate edition and the ultimate trilogy edition. I dont care but thats the one I bought. I have it on my coffee table and a friend of mine (non gamer) came over yesterday to my surprise she complimented me on the chest. I should have said right back at you.

I got my platinum and im still playing it too. Currently on titan mode with dominus costume and godly possessions activated.

2Spock3188d ago

That's awesome 3% of PS3 owners bought GOW3, and that is pretty much everyone on this site. I haven't read very many comments but i am sure there is somebody somewhere saying "Well it will have long leg's". But the initial sale is always the biggest and it might hit 3 mill but that will be about it. And no PS3's didn't fly off the shelves cause of Kratos as everyone was saying. And no it did not look better than UC2. But i am glad it did well in its first week.

randomwiz3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

"I thought you guys said you don't play the "sales games". "

No one is claiming God of War 3 is superior because of its sales. They are simply congratulating Sony Santa Monica for the game's sales.

Congratulating the developer for the sales of the game is different from saying God of War 3 is the best game ever because its selling fast.

lovestospoodge3188d ago

does that make this the fastest selling SCE ps3 game? if so, awesome! if not...idc, awesome!

WildArmed3188d ago

Kodus to Santa Monica Studios.
This is definitely the best action game I've played in ages.

I had WTF moments every 5-20 mins of gameplay. And by the time you get to the QTE in the boss fights, your like DIE B!TCH DIE! Esp. in that psoiden QTE, i was very happy once i got to beat him into pulp during my Chaos run.. lol very very enjoyable.
Now i'm at the Labyrith so I'm getting near the ending!
Chaos mode was badass xD

Ravage273187d ago

when was the last time an exclusive SP game sold more than 1 million week one?

EvilBlackCat3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

1 million in less than one week! 700,000 in the Americas alone.

And the Xbox fanboys say PS3 exclusives don't sell. Somebody's lying"

PS3 exclusives don't sell?

true THEY SELL but not as always expected

WHAT IS THE DAMN DRAMA ? Final Fantasy, God of War & Gran Turismo are titles that have a huge fanbase. SO WTF?

But you can't compare the Killzone2 situation with GoW3 right? 2 exclusives.

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ubiquitious3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Hopefully the God of War movie will fair a little better

SuperStrokey11233188d ago

oh dear god... they are making a movie?

van-essa3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

He probably meant the Movie "WAR OF THE GODS".

The movie has nothing to do with God of War. But I agree a God of War movie would be nice.

saint_john_paul_ii3188d ago

well it makes sense for an xbox fanboy to move away from the sales and just hate on the game, cause you know since it sold over a million...

sikbeta3188d ago


That was an attempt to TROLL, cuz a God Of War Movie is Great News, Man I can't wait For The Movie...

bjornbear3188d ago

is fairing badly?

or do you mean, by it being a movie, it would definitely require a bigger budget, and therefore would HAVE to sell more than the game just to break even?

because one of them is stupidly retarded to assume...and it isn't the latter

WildArmed3188d ago

nah he is just pointing out that games that only have SP like Heavy Rain fail and GoW3..
oh wait...

QQ moar

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gtamike1233188d ago

Very nice, will pick my copy up soon

OtherWhiteMeat3188d ago

Just got mine.I'll be M.I.A. to the family for a couple of days.

k-Lan3188d ago

Will your family be there when you're finished? lol

DelbertGrady3188d ago

It's only 8 hours, I'm sure they won't even notice.

chitownzown3188d ago

and you would know this how???? I played the game on Titan and it took me about 14 hours while getting 70% of the trophies. Can't you find something better to do?

Hudahudahuda3188d ago

8 hours is a long running time for what is comparable to a roller coaster of a video game, and it actually lasted me 12. 8 Hours is an exaggeration, the game will on average last people 10-11 hours.

raztad3188d ago

I seriously suck. I didnt notice until almost finishing the game that there were some hidden treasures and you needed to use THE HEAD to uncover them. Titan mode has been extremely hard with such a short health bar. 16+ hours so far.

2Spock3188d ago

From the time i first started the game on normal till the time i took out cause i beat it 8 hours and 11 mins. Half of that was the stupid ending. Me and a friend passed the controller back and fourth.

lovestospoodge3188d ago


LOL that's pretty funny. oh well, play it in chaos mode and dont forget the chests! this game is gonna be the first one i'm getting platinum on (have had ps3 since '07 launch). doesnt seem as hard to do as other games, i mean UC2 u had to get all hundred small treasures...

WildArmed3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I finished Normal around 9 hours, while in Chaos I'm at the Laby and around the 6 hour mark.

(oh and yes I got all the chests <3 and secrets ^_^ )

Note: they have 2-3 extra treasures for each of the 'bars'
So even if u miss some, u still get the trophy once u max our your bar.

HighDefinition3188d ago

Gameplay time: 8-9 hrs

Replayability: Priceless

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