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PSLS writes:

The PlayStation 3 is an amazing technical device with the capabilities to handle just about any form of entertainment available. Being an always connected product (for those with availability) insures that you will be getting messages from friend and foes alike. While some of us have already invested in the PS Chat Pad, the fact that you had to add this on to the DualShock 3 was a no-go for some people. Hyperkin has a solution that doesn't need to clutter up your home entertainment area.

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Bnet3433185d ago

Meh, I'm fine with what I have.

DoucheVader3185d ago

I don't see myself playing games with this, but its a pretty cool idea.

ftwrthtx3185d ago

Cool idea. Beats having a full size keyboard lying around the living room.

Socomer 19793185d ago

i have the chatpad and its real cool and all but its so small.
i wish they lit up the keyboard at night. the touch function doesnt work well with mine either but tis all i got. I rather use it than a keyboard.

ncadika3185d ago

That's pretty cheap for a device. especially with that calibre. good think I read this, though, I might pick this up. It has everything a PS3 owner would need and more.

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The story is too old to be commented.