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Growing up I dreamed of one day playing baseball in the MLB. While I am still waiting on that call, MLB 10: The Show is the closest you'll ever come to experience playing baseball for a Major League Team. The sheer polish and level of detail mostly overcome the share of problems that hinder it. They don't stop this from being one of the years best sports titles and the premier baseball game for PlayStation 3 owners. Any fan of baseball, owes it to themselves to add MLB 10: The Show to your collection. It will be hard to put down before the release of MLB 11: The Show.

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Bnet3433184d ago

Seeing as this is the best baseball game out there, I don't know why this didn't get a 5/5. I was surprised to see that the reviewer said there were glitches.

3184d ago
xg-ei8ht3184d ago

What makes me laugh is, americans go on about baseball. and it being one of the most loved sports over there.

In all truth this game should sell millions.

Socomer 19793184d ago

it kinda surprised us and most of us fanboys thought it was because of the commercials. I expect to do the same this NPD. They do release a new baseball game every year and maybe people are just really happy with mlb09 the show.