Just Cause 2 Maxed Out - 25 High Res Screenshots published 25 self-made screenshots (highest settings and resolution) of Just Cause 2.

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Voltago3191d ago

great shots, that game is a must buy to me :D

joydestroy3191d ago

yup, game looks AMAZING on PC max settings. i did a console comparison and immediately saw the differences.

ELite_Ghost3191d ago

yea that motion blur amazes me on pc, my friends wowed at it. And of course the game is at 1080p :)

ProjectVulcan3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

The best bit is its not even all that demanding. It scales really well and runs great. Kudos to the ballsy decision to make it DX10 only as well, its about time Pc gaming was forced forwards

champ213191d ago

agreed the demo ran liquid smooth even on my laptop @ 1080p maxed out.

DMason3191d ago

To be completely honest, these screenshots look the same as the console version. Ive been playing this game for a bit now and have noticed that the graphics are superb, especially for an open world game with. The draw distance is incredible, and the small loading times make me wonder how they do it. I can go from one side of the island to the other without a single load screen.

As a matter of fact, I believe this game is one of the better looking games to date. The mission where youre on top of that Karl guys car and are plowing through a field of wildflowers, made me think of UC:2. It was really that impressive.

ProjectVulcan3191d ago

Small static screens rarely tell the story of how the game looks on the screen. Pc version looks much more detailed with high resolutions, runs much smoother, less aliasing, better shadows and water and draw distance and shader effects, better physics and particles.

All these things combine on a 1920 x 1080 screen to make the Pc version look considerably superior. The resolution alone is usually enough, call of duty on Pc looks massively more detailed than the console versions just by having a much higher resolution

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chasegarcia3191d ago

PC version is really clear and smooth with max settings.

Gish3191d ago

I will buy when it has a sale. So much fun in the demo, although lack of employment has made me iffy on spending much money right now. My only concern is the controls for the flight stuff right now.

champ213191d ago

pc version you can use any controls you like.

DS3, xbox controller or mouse keyboard. It only does everything :P

Gish3191d ago

wait, what? DS3? I did not know this!

champ213191d ago

i told ya it does everything.. dam i should link news on how DS3 works on PC.

you need motionjoy.

what OS are you using?

champ213191d ago

you can get motionjoy from

Windows 7 and vista 64 require digitally signed drivers from microsoft. another way for them to make money.

anyways there are 2 ways around it.

1. you can manually disable windows signature requirement everytime it boots by pressing F8, if you are not ok with this there is a way to automate this.

2. you get driverreadyplus, it automates process. Its like a macro which automatically selects the disable driver signature when windows is booting.

Gish3191d ago

wow man you know your stuff.

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I-Pod3191d ago

Amazing Screenshots, thx.

Redrum0593191d ago

looks good, but lots of flat textures. streets, sidewalks, walls.

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